Lei Bin (Chinese: 雷斌) is a character in Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers, a spin-off of the Dynasty Warriors games of the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong. He is an exclusive character for the series and Zhao Yun's childhood friend from Changshan.


When Zhao Yun and Lei Bin discovered a mysterious figure in the attack of the Yellow Turban bandits, and was frozen in a sponge-like temple. They unwittingly uncover the figure inside, and he found himself to be Lixia, an ancient mystic who was responsible for defeating the demon Chiyou in the Yellow Emperor. However, the failure of the devil caused the five spheres to be scattered on land, and the Yellow Emperor blocked it in ice for unknown reasons. Lixia pressed the two men to find her five spheres to learn how to return Lixia home to the realm.

Lei Bin began to be particularly calm about Liu Bei's strength, especially Lixia, seeking to find the fifth and final sphere to become an increasingly obsessive. In fact, Lixia also felt that the fifth orb lies was in Chengdu, but when they approached it, Lixia felt the same disturbing feeling. Just as Liu Bei's forces occupied Chengdu, Lei Bin reappeared on the fifth orb lies, but found it in Chengdu. He intends to use the metal orb and reverse the creature into a statue to end the power of Lixia. At some point, Zhao Yun was forced to fight Chiyou with his friends.

Although he defeated him, when Lixia claimed the metal orb for herself, she suddenly began to scream out of control, because the existence of darkness completely overwhelmed Lixia. As Lei Bin worried, by collecting all five spheres, the demon Chiyou was especially resurrected and controlled Lixia. Zhao Yun realized that everything that happened was too late, and continued to fight Chiyou and her resurrection statues, some of which were taken from the essence of the soldiers that Lixia had encountered before, alone.

When leaving the group, Lei Bin found that when Lixia defeated Chiyou, Chiyou scattered his body in five spheres and planted his heart in Lixia, so that Lixia revived when he claimed all five of the orbs; This is why Lixia was sealed by the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor could not separate Chiyou from Lixia, and Lei Bin wanted to terminate Lixia.


  • His style name is Shībó (onyomi: Shihaku).


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