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"Princess Stella Organa" is both a main and playable character in the Angry Birds Star Wars game. She's Luke Skywalker's sister and Han Solo's love interest.


Stella was introduced from the very start of the game in promotional art and even had her character introduction set, but was not introduced as a playable character upon the game's release. In fact, players had to wait until the Hoth update to play as Stella in levels. In the storyline of Star Wars, Stella plays the role of Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker's sister and Han Solo's love interest. She is first held captive by Darth Vader until she is saved by the others; from then on, she becomes a very prominent character in the storyline.


Stella, for the first time, is featured with a different ability than what she typically had in slingshot-based games (the bubble ability). Rather, she has a pink tractor beam whith which she can pull objects towards her. While this ability is weak at first, it grows stronger as the player progresses. Players can use this ability to pull a supporting block on a tall structure, causing it to topple over, sometimes onto other structures. It can also be used to attack pigs beyond the other birds' reach. However, if there is an object between Stella and the player's desired target, Stella will instead hit the object. It is also of note that all the characters in the game can activate their ability for a short period of time after they hit a structure, which can be used to the player's advantage. Body-wise, Stella is not very strong, just as she appears in prior Angry Birds games. Once again, she is unable to deal much damage, at best shattering a few blocks of glass and wood, damaging steel only slightly. If the player uses Stella's ability on the ground or other indestructible material, nothing will happen.


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