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Leknaat is one of the major protagonists in the Suikoden video game series.


Leknaat and her sister Windy were are born in the village of the Gate Rune Clan. Though the year is unknown, it is possible that this was between In Solis 30 and In Solis 60.

In the year In Solis 70, the village was would be burned to the ground by Harmonian Army searching for the Gate Rune; somehow, during this conflict, Leknaat lost her sight. Leknaat and Windy split the Gate Rune into two halves and fled the village to prevent Harmonia from acquiring it, going their separate ways.

Leknaat was came to reside on Magician's Isle, off the northeastern coast of the Toran Republic. Soon after she secluded herself from her sister, who was known had slowly changed during their separation. Windy came to believe that the power was the only thing that would bring justice to the world, and seemed willing to stop at nothing to acquire True Runes.

After the formation of the Scarlet Moon Empire during In Solis 230, Leknaat had offered her services to them as a seer, with monthly astrological forecasts.


  • Lazlo always gets surprised whenever Leknaat suddenly appears. Since the beginning, Lazlo has believed Leknaat is a ghost.
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