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Lemo (レモ Remo) is an old Frieza Force veteran.

He is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in the Japanese version, and by Bruce Carey in the English version.


Lemo appears as an orange-skinned humanoid wearing the Saiyan armor, with no shoulder plates, white outlines and a green section on his torso, dark green slim trousers, a woolly hat, white gloves and shoes which those letters end by a green section. He is shown to have a blue Scouter. He has large yellow eyes with slitted pupils.


Lemo wants to do something about Broly but knows his own limits. As a veteran Rear Guard who survived years of service in the Frieza Force, he is aware of how dangerous an angry Frieza is and warns Cheelai to watch her tongue when she offhandedly mentions rumors regarding Frieza's short height, as he knows full well Frieza has a history of executing soldiers that dare to mock his height. He is also more logic oriented than Cheelai as he tried to keep Cheelai from confronting Paragus over the shock collar and from confronting him over his refusal to let Broly chat. He and Cheelai form a friendship with Broly. He noted that Broly was pure and innocent like nothing he had ever seen before, after learning the origin of Broly's pelt and he voiced his opinion that Paragus probably only saw Broly as a weapon as did Cheelai. He also said that his own father was a real jerk, like Paragus, though he noted that Paragus was likely even worse. He noted that since Broly's fighting potential was high, Paragus must have forced him to train. He also told Broly that he didn't have to listen to his father, but Broly refused to speak ill of his father. While Broly was fighting Goku and Vegeta, he noted that he wasn't himself. Cheelai blamed Paragus for it, which Lemo agreed with.


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