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Lena Sabrewing-De Spell is a "well-traveled teen" duck who appears in Disney XD reboot series, DuckTales.

She is Magica De Spell's niece/shadow, who usually follows her aunt's plan in order to obtain Scrooge's dime.

She is voiced by Kimiko Glenn who later voiced Peni Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Ezor in Voltron: Legendary Defender and Izzy Moonbow from My Little Pony: A New Generation.

Physical appearance

Lena is a female duck with some of her hair dyed pink and purple eye shadow. She wears green and white sneakers, a black and gray striped shirt, and a mint-collared shirt underneath. She also wears a purple talisman, which is later revealed to be magical.

When she fought the Phantom Blot, Lena gains a white outfit with a cloke and teal gloves. Her eyes were also turned to full colored blue.


She is a street smart and a seemingly carefree teenage girl who befriends Webby. She's however secretly attempting to win the Ducks' trust in order to gain access to Scrooge's Number One Dime on behalf of her aunt, Magica De Spell. Though as the first season progresses, Lena becomes increasingly torn between her aunt's villainous schemes and her growing friendship with Webby.


Season One

In "The Beagle Birthday Massacre!", After being left behind on the beach, Webby finds a series of fake messages in bottles and follows them to their creator, Lena, at an abandoned amphitheater.

Lena invites Webby to a party held in the Duckburg Junkyard, not mentioning the party was a birthday celebration for notorious crime lord and Beagle family matriarch, Ma Beagle. Leading the various branches of the Beagle family tree on a chase through the city, Lena and Webby develop a good friendship and jokingly reference the highlights of their adventure, much to the confusion of others.

However, at the end of the episode, Lena reveals her pendant and summons the shadowy spirit of her aunt Magica De Spell, informing her that her infiltration of Scrooge's inner circle was a success.

In "Terror of the Terra-firmians!", While heading home from the movies with the boys and Webby, they decide to explore an abandoned tunnel looking for mysterious beings called Terrs-firmians. Beakley finds them and scolds Lena for being a bad influence on her granddaughter. After the tunnel begins to collapse from the creatures, Beakley lays unconscious and Magica tries to persuade her to leave her as she is in the way of their plans. Lena, using the amulet around her neck, levitates the train car off of Beakley and the two escape.

As Magica questions why she did it, Beakley apologizes for misjudging her and is still welcome to spend time with Webby. After Beakley leaves, Lena explains that she has to "play the long game" to earn more trust.

In "Jaw$!", At a sleepover with Webby, she drops a cursed jewel in Scrooge's money bin in order to search for Scrooge's dime. During this time, Webby makes her and Lena friendship bracelets, one of which Webby gives to her. Lena and Magica constantly fight over Lena's growing attachment to Webby which is put to the test when the jewel, manifested into a shark, begins eating people too.

Lena eventually uses magic in a positive way through her friendship with Webby and stops the shark. At her home, Magica reprimands her for ruining the plan and reminds her that she has to do what she says if she ever wants to be free from her. Lena sadly drops Webby's friendship bracelet in the water.

In "The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!", After Scrooge locks his Number One Dime in his "other bin," Lena entices Webby to explore the other bin where they encounter a few rooms with deadly prisoners to deadly artifacts.

While searching, she encounters an object that shows her worst nightmare; betraying and hurting Webby after completing Magica's plan. She argues once more with Magica over her and decides she's had enough.

However, before she can tell Scrooge and Webby, Magica possesses her to keep her from revealing the truth. And Magica controls her body.

In "The Shadow War!", At the beginning of the episode, Lena (Magica) hears Launchpad talk to Scrooge over his gate intercom saying that the triplets and Webby had moved out. Magica, mad that she is unable to use Webby to her advantage, insults Scrooge to get into the house. After getting in, looks at what Scrooge has become with the pizza and soda cans were strewn over the floor. Magica states, "It's a trick!" before continuing to make Scrooge poisoned tea to take the dime. After Scrooge spills his poisoned tea twice given to him by possessed Lena, Lena/Magica convinces him to start his days over without anything, including Scrooge's #1 dime. After clearly showing suspicion, possessed Lena proceeds to attack Scrooge and wrestle the dime from him, releasing Magica De Spell. Magica traps the 2 of them in a cage and then listens to Lena to say how she wants Scrooge's family. Magica, listening to the entire thing, proceeds to somehow destroy Lena into a shadow.

By reading Lena's journal, Webby and the triplets discover that Lena was created from the shadow by Magica following the sorceress' last battle with Scrooge atop Mount Vesuvius.

Later they continue by showing more about Lena. It is said fifteen years ago Magica and Scrooge McDuck fought which ended in Scrooge sealing Magica away in his Number-One Dime. However, before Magica was sealed she gave her shadow corporeal form and transformed her staff into a necklace that would give the shadow magic. The shadow took the form of a young girl "Lena" and Magica would manifest in its own shadow to communicate with her and give Lena orders to enact her revenge.

Although Lena referred to Magica as her aunt the two held no love for each other with Magica seeing her as a tool for revenge and Lena desiring freedom from her, which Magica promised to give in exchange for helping her steal Scrooge's dime before the Lunar Eclipse that would grant her enough power to escape and have her revenge.

During the final battle with Magica, Webby and Dewey are about to be destroyed when Webby's friendship bracelet given to Lena in "Jaw$" glows with a blue light as a shield forms before Lena's spirit proceeds to attack Magica before appearing to be destroyed.

Despite her sacrifice to stop Magica, it is implied that Lena—or some part of her—survived and has merged with Webby's shadow.

Season Two

In "Friendship Hates Magic!" Lena is stuck inside of Webby's shadow and is worried about Webby's new friend Violet. At a sleepover, Lena tries to warn Webby that she's bad but can't since Webby can't see her. However, with the help of Violet, Webby is able to bring Lena back to the real world.

In "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!", At the beginning of this episode, Scrooge is going through his treasures, senses something is wrong and goes searching for the disturbance. He then hears Webby from a nearby room then opens the door and sees Lena, Webby, and Violet fighting a grizzly bear.

In "A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!", At the beginning of the episode, we see the triplets, Webby, Violet, and Lena having a sleepover. Lena tries to keep them all awake to hide from Magica, but she ends up going to sleep because the others are fast asleep. When they all wake up they realize they're in a shared dream, and Lena tries to wake herself up constantly because Magica keeps haunting their dreams. Lena falls into her nightmare and gets turned into Magica and her friends mistake her for Magica and fight her before realizing that "Magica" is actually Lena and save her. When they wake up they find out that Magica has been controlling their dreams, and Lena destroys the technology she used on them and she finally gets to sleep well.

In "Moonvasion!", Lena was one of the allies recruited by the Lil Bulbs sent out by Gyro to get help for the rebellion against the Moonlanders. She is first found hanging around at a playground keeping out of sight of the Moonlanders before going to the money bin to offer help and plan. She is captured -presumably- along with the rest of Scrooge's allies by Lunaris' forces though before that manages to use her magic to fight off the Moonlanders with Violet and the rest of her friends. She then later appears after Lunaris' defeat with Violet, regrouping with the duck family and unaware that the group is being observed by F.O.W.L.

Season Three

In "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!", Lena appears before and after the challenge, accompanying Violet, Ty, and Indy. Prior to the challenge, she enthusiastically cheers Violet on and instructs her on trash-talking Huey. At the ceremony for Violet's victory, Lena again expresses great enthusiasm, running up to Violet and hugging her after she is named Senior Woodchuck.

In "The Phantom and the Sorceress!", Lena struggles to manage her magic powers properly and accidentally places her friends and herself in a video game at the mansion.

During a sleepover, Gladstone Gander arrives at the mansion and begs for Webby, Lena and Violet's help as his luck disappears.

Violet assumes that the Phantom Blot is responsible who captures the magic. As Lena continues to struggle in controlling her magic powers, Webby suggests seeking help from Magica which Lena automatically refuses. Webby eventually persuades Lena to go and she reluctantly accepts.

Lena, Webby, Violet, and Gladstone travel to seek Magica's help. When arriving, Magica tries to get her powers back from Lena through her amulet. Lena decides to leave at the first hurdle as she argues with Magica again but Webby tells her that Magica is the only one that is able to help her.

After Lena tells her that she can defeat the Phantom Blot by herself, Magica urges Lena to get inside the hideout where she explains how dangerous the Phantom Blot is from her past experiences. Magica agrees to help train Lena to use her powers correctly and eventually manages to control them. As they train, the Phantom Blot emerges and tries to steal Lena's magic powers.

After nearly getting defeated, Webby and Violet remind Lena about the good she can do with her powers and she eventually.

As she defeats the Phantom Blot, Lena gains a new form with her own magic aura. As she hugs Webby and Violet, Magica gets hold of the amulet and she regains her powers.

Magica and Lena briefly battle each other to a point where Magica falls to the ground. Lena tells her that she wants to use her new magic powers for good and she leaves Magica. Lena then flies off with Webby and Violet back to the mansion.

In "The Split Sword of Swanstantine!", Lena and Violet accompany Scrooge, the triplets and Webby on a mission to retrieve the pieces of the Split Sword of Swanstantine. To their surprise, they find that F.O.W.L. is already there, lying in wait. While Scrooge battles Black Heron, the kids pair off, with each pair setting out in search of a piece of the sword. Lena pairs up with Huey, and they quickly discover the blade. However, Steelbeak appears and assaults the duo. Lena uses her powers to transport herself and Huey into the latter's mindscape, so that they can have an infinite amount of time to plan for the immediate fight with Steelbeak. To her frustration, Huey asks her to run innumerable simulations, and each time, he tries to outwit the villain rather than fight him. Lena grows weary of this approach but Huey will not listen to her. Suddenly, Lena discovers a secret vault within Huey's mind -- a vault which houses his out-of-control alter-ego, The Duke of Making a Mess. Lena persuades Huey to embrace and control this dark side of himself, rather than lock it away. When Huey agrees, Lena transports herself and the former back to reality, and Huey fights Steelbeak. Huey heeds Lena's advice and learns to use his more violent side to overwhelm Steelbeak, in what Lena describes as the best butt-kicking she has ever seen. They successfully retrieve the blade, and ultimately Scrooge's group is able to secure the Split Sword in its entirety.

In "How Santa Stole Christmas!", Lena moved in with Violet and her family they share a bed and are both asleep when Scrooge and Webby delivered their presents.

In "The Last Adventure!", Lena appeared attending Webby’s birthday party. He join the others stop F.O.W.L.

Powers and Abilities

Even though, she does not have a own ability which is permanent to her. She still has some abilities and possessions the following:

  • Time Freezing: In "The Split Sword of Swanstantine", Lena freezes time just before Steelbeak attacks her and Huey.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: As demonstrated throughout the series Lena is able to hold her own in hand to hand combat, especially when she nearly bested Magica while she was distracted.
  • Occult knowledge: Due to growing up in the care of Magica, Lena possesses great knowledge of the occult and other things of mystical origins.
    • Telekinesis: Lena is shown able to lift heavy objects as seen in the episode "Terror of the Terra-Firmians!" where she uses it to lift the train and help Mrs. Beakley to get out from below it.
    • Transfiguration: Lena can transform objects into other things as shown in "Moonvasion!" where she transformed one of the moon landers' weapons into a bird.

Former Powers

Sumerian Talisman/Amulet

Unfused from the amulet, as she can be seen wearing it. Lena learns that she has Magic of her own without the amulet, and after Phantom Blot is defeated, Magica gains her powers back as she takes the amulet, and Lena uses her own Magic, leaving the Sumerian Talisman with Magica.

As Magica's Shadow

  • Levitation: In her shadow form Lena levitates the train car off of Beakley and the two escape.

As Webby's Shadow

  • Shadow Physiology: While in her original form which was a shadow, Lena had similar abilities to that of a ghost such as phasing through walls and floating. These powers seem to be exclusive to her shadow form and cannot be used in her normal form.
    • Intangibility: In her shadow form Lena is intangible meaning she is able to phase through walls.
    • Levitation: In her shadow form Lena can briefly levitate off the ground, though not for long.
    • Time Stopping Magic: In "The Split Sword of Swanstantine!",...

With Perfect Control of Your Inner Magic

  • Perfect control of inner Magic Physiology: ?
    • Fly: ?
    • Energy bursts: ?


Promotional Material


Season 1

"The Beagle Birthday Massacre!"
"Terror of the Terra-firmians!"


"The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!"
"The Shadow War!"

Season 2

"Friendship Hates Magic!"
"Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!"

"A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!"

Season 3

"Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!"
"The Phantom and the Sorceress!"

"The Split Sword of Swanstantine!"

"How Santa Stole Christmas!"

"The Last Adventure!"


Concept Art



  • Her relationship to Magica makes her Magica's second-known niece, the first being Minima De Spell from the comics. However, other than being related to Magica, Lena has no connection to Minima.
  • Concept art revealed that Lena was originally going to sport black hair and feathers, and had the surname "Le Strange." However, this was intended to be a placeholder name to keep Lena's relationship with Magica a secret.
  • Lena probably does not age as she has not changed anything since her creation 15 years ago until "The Shadow War!" as seen in a flashback though this is left ambiguous as it could've easily been because it was seen through Webby's imagination since she was still wearing her stripped shirt when made in the flashback despite claiming to have gotten it from the Feather Weights band with Angones stating she wasn't lying about that.
  • According to herself, Lena's shirt came from the lead singer of the Featherweights, during one of their gigs in Paris.
  • One of the covers of DuckTales (IDW) #9 says that Lena failed boarding schools.
  • It has been confirmed by Frank that Lena's new outfit is called the Super Sorceress Outfit and that it activates when she uses the full breadth of her powers.[1]
  • She likely calls Magica her aunt due to being made from Poe's half of the magic amulet.

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