Lena Sabrewing-De Spell is a "well-traveled teen" duck who appears in Disney XD reboot series, DuckTales. She is Magica De Spell's niece/shadow, who usually follows her aunt's plan in order to obtain Scrooge's dime.

She is voiced by Kimiko Glenn who later voiced Peni Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Physical appearance

Lena is a female duck with some of her hair dyed pink and purple eye shadow. She wears green and white sneakers, a black and gray striped shirt, and a mint-collared shirt underneath. She also wears a purple talisman, which is later revealed to be magical.

When she fought the Phantom Blot, Lena gains a white outfit with a cloke and teal gloves. Her eyes were also turned to full colored blue.


She is a street smart and seemingly carefree teenage girl who befriends Webby. She's however secretly attempting to win the Ducks' trust in order to gain access to Scrooge's Number One Dime on behalf of her aunt, Magica De Spell. Though as the first season progresses, Lena becomes increasingly torn between her aunt's villainous schemes and her growing friendship with Webby.


Season One

When Lena finally decides to side with the Ducks, Magica is able to possess her body, moments before she has the chance to tell Scrooge the truth.

In the season one finale, the ducklings discovers that she is actually a shadow created by Magica to get revenge on Scrooge and free herself. During the final battle, Lena's able to strike back at Magica, but ends up sacrificing herself to protect Webby. Unbeknownst to everyone however, she now exists as a manifestation of Webby's shadow due to the friendship bracelet the latter wears.

Season Two

In "Friendship Hates Magic!" Lena is stuck inside of Webby's shadow and is worried about Webby's new friend Violet. At a sleepover, Lena tries to warn Webby that she's bad but can't since Webby can't see her. However, with the help of Violet, Webby is able to bring Lena back to the real world.

Season 3

Powers and Abilities

Even though, she does not have a own ability which is permanent to her. She still has some abilities and possessions the following:

  • Telekinesis: Lena can lift heavy objects as seen in the episode, "Terror of the Tera-firmians" she uses it to lift the train and help Mrs. Beakley get out of it.
  • Talisman: Her talisman is the only object, that can allow Lena to have an ability. Without she can't able to use her powers, without it. It was later returned to Magica after she gains her own.
  • New found powers from self:




  • Her relationship to Magica makes her Magica's second-known niece, the first being Minima De Spell from the comics. However, other than being related to Magica, Lena has no connection to Minima.
  • Concept art revealed that Lena was originally going to sport black hair and feathers, and had the surname "Le Strange." However, this was intended to be a placeholder name to keep Lena's relationship with Magica a secret.
  • According to herself, Lena's shirt came from the lead singer of the Featherweights, during one of their gigs in Paris.

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