Lenka Utsugi is the main protagonist of the God Eater Anime. A New-type god eater recruited by the far east branch. He cares for his subordinates so much that he forgets to take care of himself during a battle with the aragami.


God Eater Lenka 54

Lenka's appearance at the end.

Lenka is an average-looking teenage boy with dark blue, spiky short hair, semi-bushy eyebrows and light green eyes. He has a scars on his left shoulder and the back and on the stomach.

Before Lenka's arrival to Fenrir Far East Branch, he wears a light brown mask to cover his face, red long sleeved hoodie with a blue cape, pair of 2 brown gloves, dark blue and ripped jeans, and brown sneakers.

After he become a God Eater, he wears a blue Fenrir formal uniform with a white shirt under the jacket, a black glove from his left hand, black pants with two pockets, and dark gray short boots.

Later, he discard his blue jacket and wear his blue cape back, and the sleeve of his white shirt rolled up


Lenka is a kind person who cares about others and is willing to do reckless actions in order to help other people, even if it costs his life. However, his sole ambition is to destroy all Aragami.

After spending sometime in cell (by disobeying orders) and learning of Eric's death, he is even more determined to kill Aragami, he is also willing to follow orders and to protect others after the incident


This situation ... I'll overturned!

Defeat all the Aragami, to regain the freedom of the world. Although he is hot blooded, and sometimes lack the coordination with the surroundings. From the moment he is appointed to the Far East Branch as a rookie God Eater, the story begins.


Alisa Ilinichina Amiella

Unlike the game, manga or light novel. At first they briefly came to hostility when he came after her to escort her to the chopper, however when he realized that she was protecting the plane to save the people inside he decide to help her to defend the plane. The teamwork between him and Alisa is readily apparent as the two of them cover each other’s angles perfectly while destroying more Aragami. They came in good terms in the end.


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