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This is how I dress to get a mortgage.
~ Lenny to Len about LendingTree

Lenny is the hero featured in several commercials for LendingTree. In each commercial, Lenny is shown helping ordinary folks solve everyday problems by telling them about LendingTree. In the first several commercials Lenny appears as the alter ego counterpart to a human named Len. Lenny is portrayed by a puppet. A few distinctive physical details of Lenny include having green skin and an orange nose.


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Lenny first appears in the commercial "Boxers". In the scene, Len is shown dressing up in formal business attire before leaving for the bank. Len is hoping to get a bank loan. Lenny is shown wearing only boxer shorts in the kitchen. Lenny tells Len that with LendingTree people don't need to dress up at all to get a loan. By the end of the scene, Len strips down to his boxer shorts and scoots next to Lenny. This commercial is the most popular one that features Lenny.

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Lenny's heroic deeds include the following actions:

  • Helping Len choose the right pre-qualification service ("Flashback" commercial)
  • Comforting Len after a break up with his girlfriend ("Break Up" commercial)
  • Protecting Len from being taken advantage of a banker ("Bank Speak" commercial)
  • Helping a rockclimbing couple worried about their mortgage rate and car loan ("Rockclimbing" commercial)
  • Helping two ladies at a pool troubled about finding a loan ("Pool" commercial)
  • Advising a couple at a restaurant oblivious to the danger of only having one bank loan offer ("Restaurant" commercial)
  • Helping a father crying over the cost of his daughter's wedding dress ("Wedding Dress" commercial)



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