Lenny Lino is the deuteragonist of Shark Tale. He is Don Lino's youngest son, Frankie's brother, and Oscar's best friend.

He is voiced by Jack Black who also voices Po from the Kung-Fu Panda series.


Unlike the other sharks, Lenny is a friendly vegetarian who would never harm anyone and is worried about admitting this to Lino. After Frankie's death, he was unable to face his father as he realised he could never be the shark Lino wanted him to be.

While he may not seem it most of the time, Lenny proves himself to be very smart several times throughout the film. He was the first to figure out that Oscar was lying about being a Sharkslayer, he came up with a plan to fake his own death, he disguised himself as a dolphin so well that he was able to attend a sit-down with his father and not be recognized and was able to blackmail Oscar into convincing him to stay with him.

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  • Lenny is often thought to be the tritagonist of the film.
  • Lenny is very similar to Tiger from An American Tale as they are both soft-hearted Vegetarian carnivores who are best friends with their natural prey. (Fievel for Tiger; Oscar for Lenny)
  • Lenny was thought to be the main protagonist. But, the true protagonist was Oscar.


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