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Leonard "Leo" Corbett is the Red Galaxy Ranger and leader of the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy team. He is also Kendrix Morgan's love interest and the younger brother of Mike Corbett.



Leo, along with is brother, Mike, lived a comfortable life on earth as citizens of Angel Grove. During his childhood, he "hung out" and played sports, often pondering about what laid beyond the reaches of earth in space. Leo was among the thousands who were present during Astronema's invasion of earth. He recounted briefly to the Red Space Ranger, Andros, that he witnessed the other Space Rangers (ZhaneCarlosCassieAshley and T.J.) morphing in front of everyone and taking on the United Alliance of Evil in their conquest of the planet. Leo is the main protagonist of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

During the construction of space colony Terra Venture, Leo dreamed of joining those who would VENTURE into space to find a new world.

Lost Galaxy

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As a stowaway aboard the Terra Venture, Leo dares to follow his older brother, Mike, to find a new world. Against his brother's wishes, he follows him, Maya, and Kendrix through the portal to Mirinoi, wanting to help save Maya's home. He largely witnesses the discovery of the Quasar Sabers by accident. Mike originally draws the Red Quasar Saber, but passes it on to Leo before falling to his apparent death at the bottom of a crevice. This allows Leo to hold the power of quasar saber, and morph into the Red Ranger.

Throughout the series Leo presents great bravery and courage as he faces Scorpius and eventually defeats him single handedly. Leo can be very stubborn and hot-headed sometimes. He becomes close friends with Damon, Maya, Kendrix and Kai, the group help each other with their personal strengths and weaknesses, growing stronger as time passes by. Kendrix provides morale and support during Mike's absence and in kind, Leo does the same for her. Maya teaches Leo how to communicate with his Galactabeast by using his heart to understand its "feelings". The lesson proves helpful when he faces the Motor Mantis in a race to save Kendrix and Maya, who'd been transformed into trophies by the monster. Kai and Leo occasionally clash with each other over his initial status as a stowaway, lack of responsibility and forgetfulness, but the two become friends regardless. He and Damon share an easier friendship with each other, as the two share similar qualities as easygoing and laid back young men.

Lights of Orion Leo.jpg

In a final showdown with Furio, Leo is nearly killed when the general self-destructs inside the cave believed to contain the Lights of Orion. In the aftermath of the explosion, he is saved by the Magna Defender (who appeared on Terra Venture to seek out the Lights and destroy Scorpius at the time). He believes that there is still some good left in him, despite the Defender's questionable morals during battle. Leo tries to show the Magna Defender the error of his ways and begin to believe that something is inside of Magna Defender that is holding him back from the terrible deeds that could have happened. This something turns out to be Leo's long lost brother Mike, who was thought to have died on Mirinoi when he fell into the crevice created by Furio. At the bottom of the crevice the Magna Defender is also a prisoner (defeated by Treacheron 3,000 years prior), when Mike fell in he uses Mike's life force to escape. After the Magna Defender sees the error of his ways, he sacrifices himself to save Terra Venture; releasing Mike and the two brothers are reunited once again. It is not long before Leo begins to have second thoughts of his possession of the Red Quasar Saber, believing Mike to be the rightful owner. When he confronts Mike, Mike explains that he always believed in Leo and believes that it is his brother's destiny to become the Red Galaxy Ranger. This conflict is later rendered moot when the Magna Defender's ghost reappears and grants Mike the Magna Defender Morpher.

Battlizer Mode

In the team up episode with the Space Power Rangers, the Psycho Rangers return and are now under the command of Trakeena to attack the Galaxy Rangers. Psycho Red goes after Leo and only with the intervention of Andros, the Red Space Ranger, helps Leo evade capture like the others. Leo, together with all ten rangers defeat the Psycho Rangers. Psycho Pink's survival, however, results in the death of Kendrix, who dies destroying the Savage Sword to save Cassie's life. Leo is saddened by this turn of events but, when the powers of the Pink Ranger were passed down to Karone, he and the others welcome her into the team and befriend her despite her past as Astronema.

In the finale, Leo single-handedly destroys Trakeena in her green insectoid form, when he blasts her at point-point range. The action results in sacrificing his Battlizer and nearly destroying himself in the process. Leo and the other Rangers survive the crash landing of Terra Venture's ruined central dome when the Galaxy Megazord arrives in time to save them. Once it's revealed that the planet they've landed on is Mirinoi, the five Rangers return the saber's to their resting place in the stone alter. The action revives, not only the planet and its original inhabitants, but Kendrix as well.

Lightspeed Rescue

When Triskull and his ghouls invade Mirinoi, Leo takes up the mantle of Red Ranger once more, and follows him to Earth. Once on the planet, he and the Galaxy Rangers help the Rescue Rangers fight both Triskull and Trakeena who'd managed to survive his attack from the Battlizer.

Forever Red

During Power Rangers Wild Force, Leo is recruited by Andros to journey to the moon with nine other Red Rangers to destroy the last remnants of the Machine Empire and Serpentera. He arrives to the planet with Aurico in time to rescue Cole from Venjix and aids T.J. during the battle against the machine generals. Currently, Leo is living on Mirinoi, either retired and watching over the Quasar Sabers or active as a Ranger and protecting Mirinoi from threats.

Super Megaforce

Among the other alumni, Leo comes back for the last battle in Power Ranger Super Megaforce 



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