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Leo The Silent is Rafe Khatchadorian's imaginary friend and the deuteragonist of Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life. However, Leonardo Khatchadorian (LEO) is Rafe's twin brother. He died when he was only three so Rafe started imagining what it would be like if he was still alive. He often got Rafe in a lot of trouble. Also, he was the reason why Rafe started Operation: Rules Aren't For Everybody. Rafe's mom doesn't really like the fact Rafe has an imaginary friend, but she eventually learned to accept it.


Rafe admits that he doesn't remember much from when Leo was still around. Leo died when . He says only a half of Leo was shown next to him in the pictures. Apparently, after Leo died, the house got really quiet and their grandmother moved in with them. Also, Leo's death caused the adoption of Rafe's sister Georgia


He was very handsome and he was very inspiring.


In the movie, Leo is seen more, but the extra times, his appearance is shorter. He was one year and two months (as seen in the card) younger than Rafe. He is also mentioned by Rafe to have died of cancer, not meningitis. They are not twins.


  • Leo's full name was Leonardo Khatchadorian
  • He was named after Leornardo Da Vinci
  • He died when he was three
  • He died having been diagnosed with meningitis
  • He is the same age as Rafe, due to Rafe being older since he imagined him, and because he is Rafe's twin brother.