Leon Kompowsky is a one shot, but nonetheless very memorable character from The Simpsons episode Stark Raving Dad.

He was voiced by the late iconic singer Michael Jackson.


Kompowsky worked as a bricklayer and was very angry all his life. Then one day, he started imitating the late Michael Jackson and people began smiling at him. This eventually caused him to think he was actually Jackson. Naturally this had him institutionalized at the New Bedlam Rest Home for the Emotionally Interesting though Kompowsky himself checked himself in.

Eventually he met Homer Simpson, who was institutionalized for wearing a pink shirt to work. He introduced himself as Jackson, and Homer, not knowing who Jackson was, believed him. "Jackson" and Homer quickly befriended each other and "Jackson" even telephoned Bart to inform him of Homer's situation.

After the doctors found out Homer was sane, Homer invites "Jackson" to visit his home. Bart, believing the real Michael Jackson was visiting his home, told everyone about it and a huge crowd gathered at the Simpsons' house. When "Jackson" got out of the car, the crowd booed him and Bart.

After finding out that Bart forgot Lisa's birthday much to Lisa's sorrow, he offered to help him make up for it. Bart was initially angry at "Jackson" for humiliating him, but eventually the two befriended each other. They wrote Lisa a special birthday song called "Happy Birthday Lisa" which made Lisa very happy.

After the song, Kompowsky dropped his phony Jackson voice and told the truth about himself to the family. As he left the house, he began singing "Happy Birthday Lisa" in his normal voice.


  • Kompowsky's speaking voice was Michael Jackson while his singing voice was Kipp Lennon



Homer meets Michael Jackson


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