Green blooded hobgoblin...
~ McCoy after an argument with Spock

Leonard H. McCoy was a character introduced in the 2009 movie Star Trek and the two subsequent movies based in the Alternate Reality.

He was portrayed by Karl Urban, also portrayed Skurge in Thor: Ragnarok.


McCoy was born in 2227, before the timelines diverged, so his early life mirrored that of his prime universe counterpart until the age of six, when Nero's ship travelled back in time from the late 24th century.

By 2255 McCoy was a medical doctor. After getting divorced from his wife Pamela, he decided to join the Federation Starfleet. On his way to Starfleet Academy he met James T. Kirk and a friendship was formed. McCoy explained to Kirk that his ex-wife only left him with his bones, and from that day forward Kirk called him Bones.

McCoy first encountered Spock during a hearing held to discuss Kirk's reprogramming of the simulator to enable Kirk to defeat the Kobayashi Maru scenario. When Kirk asked McCoy who the "pointy eared bastard" was McCoy admitted he didn't know, but that he liked the Vulcan.

In 2258 McCoy was assigned as assistant chief medical officer on board the Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike. When Doctor Puri was killed during Nero's attack on Vulcan, McCoy found himself promoted to CMO of the Enterprise.

McCoy remained on the Enterprise until 2263 when the ship was destroyed at Altimid. After treating Spock McCoy helped Spock come to terms over the death of Ambassador Spock. Spock decided to remain in Starfleet instead of heading back to New Vulcan.

After helping to save Starbase Yorktown from Krall, McCoy arranged for the surviving Enterprise crew to hold a birthday party for Kirk. During this party they were able to see the new constitution class Enterprise-A under construction in one of Yorktown's construction bays.

While the Enterprise-A was under construction McCoy was assigned as an assistant CMO on the USS Endeavor under the command of Captain Kirk. Upon completion of the new Enterprise McCoy was appointed CMO of the new ship.

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