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'''Leonardo''' is a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is seen as the leader of the group who utilises a katana and has a blue bandana - he is the most disciplined of the group, his leadership is not always accepted however by some of the turtles - especially his hot-headed brother [[Raphael]].[[File:Leo.png|thumb]]
*[[Leonardo (TMNT comics)]]
[[Category:Animal Heroes]]
*[[Leonardo (1990's Live-Action Film Series)]]
[[Category:Cartoon Heroes]]
*[[Leonardo (TMNT Live Action 2014)]]
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*[[Leonardo (TMNT 1987)]]
[[Category:Martial Artists]]
*[[Leonardo (TMNT 2003)]]
[[Category:Green Heroes]]
*[[Leonardo (TMNT 2012)]]
*[[Leonardo (TMNT 2018)]]
[[Category:Wise Heroes]]
[[Category:80s Cartoon Heroes]]
[[Category:Pure of heart]]
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[[Category:Heroes with superhuman strength]]
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