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Leonette is the heroine and deuteragonist of Golden Films' The Jungle King.

She was voiced by Irene Cara.


She is the love interest of King Maximillian (whom her parents and younger sister pressure her into marrying, though the latter offers to marry him herself), Irwin (his brother who pretends to be the king when the real one is kidnapped), and the main villain, Chancellor Hyena. She refuses to marry anyone she doesn't love. Later, when she goes up to meet "the king", she is unaware that "he" is really his identical twin brother Irwin, and eventually, as Irwin changes the King's unreasonable laws, Leonette falls in love with him... that is, until a letter from Daphne says the real king was captured by poachers, angering Leonette for finding out that Irwin was impersonating his brother. Eventually, when she and her family are in danger, especially due to the Chancellor, Irwin tries saving them, and then Leonette fights with the Chancellor. She then trusts Irwin again, and eventually (and presumably) marries Irwin, who refuses to share position as king with his brother. Due to Golden Films hardly ever creditting the cast, it is unknown who did her voice.

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