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Leonidas is a playable character from Dragalia Lost and the eldest brother of Prince Euden and Zethia and the eldest son of King Aurelius.

In the Japanese dub, he is voiced by Tomokazu Seki, who also voices Gilgamesh, Amiba, the Great Leader of Shocker and Rob Lucci. In the English dub, he is voiced by Jonathan Ostonal, who voiced Tobias.


Before becoming a hero, Leonidas wore a royal white outfit with a purple cloak. Following his redemption, he changes to a red outfit.

His summer outfit has a open black short sleeves vest with a necklace, white shorts, and brown sandals.



The first scion of the Kingdom of Alberia. He seeks to unify not only South Grastaea, but the whole of the world in order to free it from the dragons' rule. As proof of his resolve, he has taken on brilliant crimson garb.


The first scion of Alberia sets his conqueror's eye on that sunniest of battlefields: summer vacation! Casting aside his everyday responsibilities, he puts the very notion of respite in a proverbial headlock in a bid for maximum relaxation.


Following his defeat to Euden and Phares's Void Dragons, Leonidas began to reflect on some of the things had been doing, and pondering if Euden's beliefs hold a meaning.

After holding a discussion with Chelle about what to do regarding Phares, Beren, and Agito, the two find out about Euden being accused of being possessed by Morsayati. Knowing the truth, Chelle and Leonidas save Euden from some ravenous villagers and tell them all that Morsayati was dead. Afterward, Chelle joins Euden's party on their quest to find the Faerie Kingdom and uncover the truth of Euden's origin while promises to stay and look after the Halidom for them.

During his time at the Halidom, he has discussions with Ilia and Mordecai whom he had met earlier when he had been recovering from his defeat after a portal opened up with the two of them inside. The three discuss the events that led up to their meeting with one another. Leonidas informs the two that Euden was going to the forest of faeries and wishes them luck when they decide to head there as well with a chance of meeting the prince.


Leonidas was very skilled with a sword to the point where he fought Euden to a standstill. Following his redemption, Chelle gives him a manacaster, which he becomes just as proficient with in rapid-fire. He can also shapeshift into his pactbound dragon, Mars. His first skill is Sovereign Barrage, which fires a slew of shots that also inflict scorchrend. His second skill is Absolute dominion which gets rids of enemy buffs.


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