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Hero overview

Leslie is an effeminate flower and a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He likes to spend time with the other girls. He is Penny Fitzgerald's cousin, as revealed in "The Flower." He is voiced by Kerry Shale.


Leslie is gentle and, while he can be over emotional at times, he seems to posses a degree of intelligence and wisdom. He hangs out around the Treehouse Girls, possibly to give relationship advice. He plays the flute in the school band. His speech pattern contains many malapropisms. He appears to be a multi-instrumentalist; able to play the violin, the saxophone, and the flute. In "The Petals," it is revealed that he is into fashion, to the point of having had a haute-couture "high fashion phase," and has an obsession with his image to the degree of narcissism and vanity.

Physical Appearance

Leslie is a pink flower whose root is grounded in a dark blue flowerpot. He has a thin green stem coming out of the pot which is used to move around both his head and two long leaves extending from his stem, which are used as his arms. Green stubby roots pop out under his flowerpot, which he uses as feet. The inside of his mouth is colored purple, and his tongue is red. From season 2 and onward, he acquires eyebrows. In some instances, such as when Leslie hallucinates in "The Petals," his eyes are blue, but in "The Triangle," they appear green. In the early reel, Leslie's petals are colored baby-blue instead, and, in one prototype image, his tongue is as well. In "The Awareness," it is revealed that Leslie is actually a dandelion when he loses his pink petals.


  • Due to his feminine appearance and behavior, he has been referred to as a female in many countries.