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Lester Krinklesac is a friend of Cleveland Brown he has a obese Wife named Kendra and has a son named Ernie. He is a smartass, alcoholic redneck hillbilly, who lives across the street from The Brown-Tubbs Family, and although he may hold some racist and bigoted ideologies, he is still good friends with people from the groups he marginalizes. Although his living environments for his family aren't ideal, he still loves his family very much, and would do anything to keep them happy and healthy.

Heroic Acts

  • In "The One About Friends", his son, Ernie, was taken from him by Child Services and put in an abusive foster home. So, he gathered up a gang of hillbillies and went down to the foster home of his son, and he fought with them to get them back.
  • In "Our Gang", he gave guns to Cleveland, so that he and The Crazy Eights could go out and save Cleveland Brown Jr. from the gang that kidnapped him.
  • In "Brown History Month", Lester and Cleveland built a parade float, resembling the racial harmony of blacks and whites.