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Lewis is the skeletal resident of the mansion and former member of the Mystery Skulls. In his living form, his character can be described as similar to Fred from the American television animated series Scooby-Doo.


Lewis was formerly a member of the Mystery Skulls Paranormal Investigation team. On one fateful journey, the team entered an ominous-looking cave. Upon splitting up, Vivi and Mystery went one way, while Lewis and Arthur went another. However, Lewis only found an empty pit filled with stalagmites. As he tried to turn back, Arthur became possessed by something and pushed him off, leading to his death.

Many years later, the team's van breaks down near a large mansion. (The purple lightning coursing through the dashboard as this happens indicates that it is Lewis' handiwork.) Once inside, the team is attacked by Dead Beats, possessed suits of armor, and Living Paintings, one of which triggers a trapdoor. While Vivi and Mystery somehow land in the kitchen, Arthur finds himself in a deep pit with a coffin and several torches. The coffin opens to reveal Lewis in his ghost form, with a beating golden heart-shaped locket over the left side of his chest. He points to Arthur ominously, showing his grudge against him, then forms his spectral pompadour and begins chasing after him.

Just as Lewis has Arthur cornered, Vivi jumps in between the two. Lewis stops short, remembering his feelings for Vivi, and tries to give her the heart. However, Arthur pulls her away at the last minute. Lewis reaches for her, and the heart falls to the ground, breaking and turning from its golden glow to a pale silvery blue. Enraged, Lewis tries to destroy them all, but they escape, leaving him with his literal broken heart.
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As the van drives off, Lewis opens the locket to reveal a photo of him and Vivi together. Resuming his human form, Lewis sheds a single tear and disappears into the locket. As the van drives off into the night, the mansion vanishes, and the video comes to an end.

Development and design

According to Mystery Ben's Blog, Lewis' design is inspired by several different sources.[1] His skull design is based on a number of different things including Skeletor's skull and Yoko Littner 's hairpin. His body is based on Fred Jones and Grunkle Stan and his gloves are based on the ones worn by Daft Punk.

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