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Lexi Bunny is a main character and the tritagonist in Loonatics Unleashed. She is the descendant of Lola Bunny. She has inherited Lola's athletic skills, as Lola plays basketball and tennis. Lexi also does gymnastics and cheerleading.

She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco, best known for voicing Malina from The Emperor's New School, Selina from Winx Club, Lynn Loud Jr. and Lucy Loud from The Loud House, Hanazuki from Hanazuki, Star Sapphire from DC Super Hero Girls, Maggie Pesky from The Buzz on Maggie, and Flame Princess from Adventure Time.


Lexi is a tomboy with a love for fashion and trends. Like her allies in the Loonatics, she is a selfless and brave hero ready to risk her life for the greater good. She is best friends to her leader, Ace.


Lexi has super hearing skills which she could use to listen on secret conversations several miles away. Likewise, she can shoot powerful energy blasts from her head at various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc., from huge rays of pure energy. Finally, Lexi can manipulate Plant life, as she can mentally create chosen plants and cause them to grow, move, and attack her adversaries.

In her civilian life, she is quite skilled at acrobatics and video games.


  • Lexi Bunny is the only member of the Loonatics to keep her name from the original trailer.
  • In "It Came From Outer Space", it is shown that she is very skilled at video games.
  • Jessica DiCicco also did the voice of Malina on The Emperor's new School with the same voice tone.
  • Both are cheerleader.
  • She is a fan of video games.



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