Li'l Evil, otherwise known as Lily, is one of the main protagonists of the webcomic series Sinfest.

Originally, Li'l Evil was an abrasive young boy who was a firm worshiper of the Devil, so much so, that he wanted to commit whatever evil act to get the attention of the Dark Lord. However, for the most part, Li'l Evil only engaged in minor petty actions than genuinely evil acts. This would often get him at odds with Seymour, a Christian fanatic deeply devoted to pleasing Jesus anyway he could. Unbeknownst to Li'l Evil there was a deeper reason as to why he wanted to please the Devil. In some of the more latest story arcs, it is revealed that the Devil is actually his father, having been conceived between him and a young woman reviled for being a witch. As he was born with horns and a red tinge, Li'l E was ostracized by other children for being construed as a "freak". One of the more tragic examples of this is when invited several of his classmates to his house to celebrate his birthday. Sadly, no one came. Eventually, Li'l E's mother became distant from her husband, and on one occasion, they were sent away by the Devil's bodyguard when the Devil was in a position in which he couldn't hear them knocking on the door. Li'l E's mother disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving Li'l E all along and embittered.

Eventually, Li'l E comes into contact with water from Lethe, which causes him to develop amnesia. Because of this, Li'l E started to reconstruct his life and sought to become better than he initially was prior to his amnesia. Since then, he had developed a close friendship with Tangerine, a young girl who was transformed into a Devil Girl by the Devil and was made amnesic when Slick and Monique tried to reverse what the Devil had done to her. It should be noted that even though the Devil was saddened that his son wouldn't follow down the path to evil like he did, he nevertheless always watches after him through surveillance cameras; sometimes he would even encourage his son to fight back.

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