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Lia Venegas Art
Lia Venegas is one of the members of The Awesome Ones and one of the main protagonists from the reboot series Bakugan Battle Planet. She is an teenager who owns Gorthion, Pegatrix, and Cubbo as their guardian Bakugans. 

She is voiced by Margarita Valderrama.

Lia Venegas is recruited by Dan Kouzo to found the team The Awesome Ones to master an game between alien creatures called Bakugans. She gets Gorthion as her first guardian Bakugan and in the part 2 Pegatrix who is an alicorn.

Lia Venegas is an teenager who owns Gorthion, Pegatrix and Cubbo. She likes to rescue her Bakugans from the thugs who want to use the harmless Bakugans for selfish and bad purposes. Helped by The Awesome Ones, Lia manages to regain her Bakugan Pegatrix and Gorthion with the help of Drago, Dan, Shun, Lightning and their good friends by breaking off the Mind Core Cell that previously make their Bakugans destructive and aggressive with red glowing eyes and their disorted voice.

Lia Venegas likes to help her friends to take down Magnus Black and the evil thugs who attempt to use the Bakugans for malicious purposes.


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