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Scott, Scott! Listen, listen, listen! You're not a monster. You're a werewolf. Like me.
~ Liam to Scott who is in Berserker form in Smoke & Mirrors

Liam Dunbar is a main character on the supernatural drama, Teen Wolf. He was first introduced in season 4. Scott McCall turned him into a werewolf in the episode "Muted".

He was portrayed by Dylan Sprayberry.


Liam was a freshman at Devenford Preparatory school, but later expelled because of his anger issue. He then enroll into Beacon Hills High School with Mason Hewitt his best friend and where's Scott and his friends is attended as sophomore.

Later, Liam joined the lacrosse team and soon become one of the most promising freshman to be the new captain. After practice, Scott and Stiles confront him about his performance during the practice. To verify that he was not supernatural, Scott injured him during lacrosse training and Liam was taken to the hospital. There, Sean Walcott, a Wendigo attacked him and hung him over the top of the hospital. To save him, Scott had to bite Liam who then became a werewolf. At first panicked by these powers, Liam knew how to make an asset without being afraid of being judged as a "monster" by others. However, he has problems controlling his anger which worsens during full moons. He was reluctant to reveal his powers to Mason although he was forced to do so during an attack of assassins hired by the Benefactor.

In Season 5, Liam helps Scott and his pack fight off the Dread Doctors who want to resurrect the Beast of Gevaudan. He is shocked to learn that the host of the Beast is Mason and he reluctantly allies with Theo Raeken to find his best friend. After defeating the Beast and saving Mason, Liam goes to Deaton's clinic to see his former rival, Hayden Romero who is bitten by Scott in order to be saved. Being transformed into a werewolf, she becomes Liam's girlfriend.

In Season 6, Liam is on a date with Hayden although everything goes wrong and they are stranded in the middle of the road. They then discover an empty car with a young boy terrified that he tells them that "they" must not take him away. Along with his friends, Liam faces the Ghost Riders who erase people from reality and make those close to them forget them. With new Professor Douglas and Theo returned to the real world, Liam and Hayden try to unravel the mystery of these creatures. Liam also witnesses the disappearance of Mason and Hayden. Along with Scott and the others, he learns that Douglas wants to bring his own army of Ghost Riders to Beacon Hills but is ultimately defeated by them.

In the second part of the season, the Anuk-ite an evil entity causes paranoia in the city and the students are wary of supernatural ones including Liam. He is lynched by Nolan and Gabe who want him to reveal his powers although he is saved by Coach Finstock. On the other hand, Liam tries to search for which student the Anuk-ite has in high school and he finds out it's Aaron. He is also briefly helped by Nolan who wants to redeem himself from his actions by teaching him that anyone can be a werewolf hunter. Liam fight these at the hospital alongside Nolan and Melissa McCall. At the end of the season, Liam reconciles with Nolan and together tell the coach that they want to be co-captains of lacrosse team and Liam compliments the teacher by saying he's great. He is last seen when he joins Scott and his whole pack who are ready to defeat Tamora Monroe and her men once and for all.


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