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America will never fall to Communist invasion!
~ Liberty Prime

Liberty Prime is the designation given to a large combat robot designed by the United States of America in the Fallout series, appearing in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Prior to the events of the Great War, Liberty Prime was designed as a primary combat unit to take back Anchorage, Alaska from the Chinese. Following the outbreak of the Great War, the robot laid in obscurity for nearly 200 years before it was recovered and brought back online by the Brotherhood of Steel.

In both games, Liberty Prime is voiced by an unknown voice actor.



Liberty Prime was constructed in 2072 in a joint project between the U.S. Army, General Atomics International, and RobCo. Industries as a giant robot that could be used to fight back the Chinese in an attempt to reclaim Anchorage, Alaska back to the United States. The project was so ambitious that General Constantine Chase noted that Liberty Prime "will be the very embodiment of American military might -- a walking, talking, nuke-tossing hero who will remind the world what it means to be a super power." He later confirmed that the existence of the project in June of the same year.

Unfortunately, while the robot's chassis, voice module, and weapons were completed in time, a power system compact enough was not achieved. Stanley Bloomfield the project lead was unable to troubleshoot the issue, and Vault-Tec was of no help as their only researcher capable of solving the problem went into hiding shortly before the problems appeared. As such, the robot could only operate if the weapons system was offline, rendering the robot unable to theoretically do anything other than stomp on Chinese forces. The Army found such a delay unacceptable and suspended the development of the robot indefinitely in favor of deploying the T-51 Power Suits to Anchorage instead of Liberty Prime, carrying on with an invasion of Anchorage without the giant robot. Liberty Prime remained dormant in a bay under the Pentagon, waiting for a solution to its power management problems.

Fallout 3[]

After the bombs fell across the nation in 2077, Liberty Prime was largely forgotten for almost two centuries. It wasn't until 2255 when the Brotherhood of Steel led by Owyn Lyons. The impressive find led to the Brotherhood to establishing the Pentagon as its Citadel in the Capital Wasteland. However, like the pre-war government, the Brotherhood ran into the same problems with power management.

For 20 years, the Brotherhood labored to get the robot online. By May 8, 2077 the Brotherhood managed to restore partial power to to robot's systems, but when the Brotherhood tried to redistribute the power across all systems, they ran into an unexpected problem: the robot itself. To bypass the subroutines, the Brotherhood tried to fool the robot with a neural dampener, but the robot's AI detected this action and canceled the redistribution of power. As a result, the robots circuitry was fried, setting back the project for another three months.

A second attempt to restore power was made on July 13, 2077, but a faulty power capacitor resulted in the robot's performance on its overall power to degraded to lower percentailes than the first attempt. Reginald Rothchild, who had been heading the project, reassigned the team to concentrate on the Accelerated Vector Fusion module in order to meet power demands for the robot, but this action proved disastrous as an experiment on August 1 led to several injuries of the personnel, including Scribe Bowditch being hospitalized with numerous second degree burns, and nearly killing Elder Lyons. Following this incident, stricter control on experimentation on the robot.

A third attempt resulted in a majority of the power being restored to the internal processors and weapons, but left the power management lagging behind significantly. Only the voice module operated at full capacity, which led to the robot shouting anti-communist propaganda that the personnel took as a form of mockery.

Finally, help came in the unlikeliest form when Dr. Madison Li arrived at the citadel. With her experience, Rothchild and his team were able to successfully restore Liberty Prime to full power. Liberty Prime was then deployed soon afterwards to fight back against the Enclave at the battle of Project Purity. Using is large assortment of super weapons, Liberty Prime easily defeated most of the Enclave forces, with the Brotherhood and the Lone Wanderer eliminating any stragglers.

For two weeks, Liberty Prime gave the Brotherhood the upper hand against the Enclave, but that all changed during the battle of Rockland. Initially, the attack went according to plan, the Enclave tricked the giant robot into luring it to the entrance of the facility before destroying it with an orbital cannon. The destruction of Liberty Prime put the Brotherhood at a disadvantage at first, but nonetheless the Brotherhood ultimately defeated the Enclave with the help of their second biggest hope: the Lone Wanderer.

Fallout 4[]

Following the events in the Capital Wasteland, Rothchild attempted to restore Liberty Prime but was unsuccessful, resulting in him serving the project until further notice. The project remained on hold for ten years until Procter Ingram resumed the project under orders of Elder Maxson in order to destroy the Institute. Like her predecessor, Ingram ran into problems, most notably on its CPU, which blew up whenever scribes tried feeding it power. She tasks the Sole Survivor with locating and enlisting Dr. Li (or Professor Scara if the Survivor was banished from the Institute), following this, Li/Scara corrects the flaws of the original design by restoring the robot's memory core.

The survivor is then tasked to construct a new set of electromagnetic actuators for the robots limbs, before heading to the Mass Fusion Building to acquire a beryllium agitator to power Liberty Prime's fusion reactor. Finally, they head to the Sentinel Site located in the Glowing Sea to acquire a set of Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs for the robot's weapon arsenal.

With all these tasks completed, the Brotherhood reprograms Liberty Prime to attack hostile fractions (Super Mutants, Raiders, and the Institute), which were designed in Prime's program as Communist China. The new Liberty Prime (designated Liberty Prime Mark II), is more agile, has a more power eye laser, and is more durable and semi-amphibious than its predecessor. The robot is then deployed, destined to head to the CIT Institute building in order to infiltrate the Institute's underground headquarters.

Upon reaching the building, Liberty Prime finds no direct access into the Institute, so it comes up with an alternate plan by boring hole into the central courtyard of the building, allowing the Brotherhood to successfully infiltrate the Institute and destroy it.

Following the Brotherhood's victory, Liberty Prime is retired to Boston Airport, where it stays patrolling the grounds, spouting anti-communist propaganda about how much it hates Communism and loves America.


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