Licca Kayama is a young girl that is the main protagonist of Super Doll Licca-chan anime series; she lives with her father (Pierre Kayama, who is traveling in the begin of series), her mother (Orie Kayama, daughter of Nanae) and her grandmother (Nanae). Licca is the princess of the Doll Kingdom, but she have not known about her nobleness, and lives as a normal girl (coward, but she gets danger every time, and she is fearless when she is in danger).

She studies in a Catholic school, where stay with her best friends: Sumire (her best friend of all), Dai (she likes him, but his treatment towards her irritates her; but Dai, although feigns hate Licca's personality, has a crush on her) and Tomo (a smart boy, and the opposite of Dai); in that school, she has friendships with nuns that directs it.

When Rui Makiyama, a college student who lives next door arrives at her house as a guest, she gets a crush on him, causing Dai to get jealous. When Scarecrow tries to kidnap her to save his land, Nanae invokes Doll Licca to save her; the first attempt of Scarecrow, was in a museum where only Licca could cross the maze and arrive at a castle. After this, Licca always entered in trouble because of the actions of Scarecrown and his servants (Puru and Waya), but Doll Licca can ever saved her (early, secretly, but after, Licca knew about the super deal, but don't know what is she, and why the doll helped her).

Her name was based in the main doll of Japanese business: "Licca Kayama".

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