Liesel exploring the town library

Liesel exploring the town library

Liesel Meminger is the main protagonist of the best-selling book The Book Thief and the 2013 film adaptation.

The Book Thief

Liesel is an adolescent girl who has been separated from her parents and her brother dies. She begins the story sent to live with foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Liesel helps Max, a Jew hidden from the Nazi army, and the mayor's wife, who lets Liesel read, borrow, and "steal" books from her library. She also takes care of and makes friends with the children in her village on Himmel Street, especially Rudy Steiner, who becomes the boy most special to her. She reluctantly accepts his offers, and they form a close bond. Liesel loses her family and friend to a bombing attack, leaving her a survivor. She grows up and passes away in her old age after a final meeting with Rudy.


Liesel is a strong-willed, caring young girl. Even when she is beat down by the pressures of war, she won't let any war, bully, or Nazi soldier stand in her way. Liesel cares about other people, even her harsh foster mother, but especially Hans, Rudy, and the people in her village.


  • Liesel is played by Sophie Nelisse in the movie.


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