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Lieutenant "Lefty" Enright is the main hero in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. He is a former Texas Ranger, and uncle of Sally Hardesty and her brother Franklin, who were victims of Leatherface and his family years earlier, arrives at the scene of the crime to help solve the murders of the two teenage boys. Lefty has spent the last thirteen years investigating his niece and nephew's disappearances while investigating reports of mysterious chainsaw killings across Texas.

He brought two chainsaws to battle the killers. He found their hideout and he also found Franklin's dead body among the dead.

He personally battles Leatherface in a chainsaw duel. Lefty gaining the upper hand when he stabs Leatherface in the stomach.

In the end, Lefty and most of the Sawyer family (Leatherface, "Grandpa" and Drayton) are apparently killed when one of Drayton's grenades goes off prematurely.

Only Chop Top and Stretch escape, where they have a final battle in a carved-out rock tower that overlooks the property. Stretch defeats Chop Top.

Left finally avenged Franklin's murdered and Sally's trauma.


  • In this timeline Lefty is the only hero that kills Leatherface.
  • In alternate universe stories, Leatherface was seen in movie sequels.
  • He is played by the late Dennis Hopper.
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