Lieutenant Penumbra is a female Moonlander and a lieutenant in the hidden city of Tranquility on the Moon and the main protagonist the second season of DuckTales (2017).

She is voiced by Julie Bowen.


Season Two

Penumbra first appeared in "What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!", in which she and General Lunaris have been hunting down a moon mite for years. They encounter Della Duck, who has been fending off the mite for a decade while trying to fix her ship, the Spear of Selene. Though Penumbra desires to kill the mite, Della discovers that the mite merely has a baby and earns its trust peacefully. In seeming gratitude, Lunaris offers Della shelter and all the gold she can use to repair her ship at their city, Tranquility.

By "The Golden Spear!", Della has nearly finished repairs on her ship while staying at Penumbra's house. Penumbra spends the episode believing Della to be secretly an enemy of the moon, especially since Della frequently regales the Lunarians of tales about Earth. In a desperate attempt to stop Della from enslaving her people, Penumbra activates the completed rocket, forcing Della to leave.

Some time later, Penumbra encounters Della's brother Donald in "What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!", who had crash-landed on the moon after discovering Della's repaired rocket. Though Lunaris declares Donald an enemy of the moon and promotes Penumbra to the rank of captain, she assists Donald in escaping captivity, eventually stumbling upon Lunaris's secret base. There, she learns that Lunaris had been analyzing Earth even before Della's arrival. Lunaris arrives and battles Donald, but Donald makes a getaway in a prototype rocket that nobody could supposedly survive. As Donald escapes, Penumbra declares him the bravest man of two worlds.

Finally in "Moonvasion!", Penumbra appears in the original Spear of Selene and crashes into Lunaris' last engine, crippling his ship, and is picked up by Della and her family.



  • Penumbra's name comes from the term for part of a shadow between its darkest part, the umbra, and the light around the shadow.


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