Liftasaurs (The Blues)

Liftasaurs are a species of [[1]] which are known for their lifting abilities.



Liftasaurs are the most competitive, stubborn and powerful out of most Dinotrux species, and they stack up large rock slabs to practice lifting and encourage fellow herd members and others they have befriended in showing off the inner strength they have.

Physical Description

Liftasaurs are tan-colored with three flat digits for claws, hydraulic arms, round bodies, short legs, big feet with each two big tires and three toes. Half boomerang-like crests, duck-like beaks with two block teeth on each side of the lower jaws, front forward eyes and tails with four retractable support plates for assistance of lifting heavier objects. Herds of Liftasaurs are recognized by crest colors, each herd group has a singular color on the crest.

Known Members

  • Yellow Liftasaurs: They are stubborn, boisterous and loud. The Yellows are slightly braver, more serious and each have a bit of an ego and are shown to be sore losers when proved wrong. The Yellows finally work together with the Blues when the Reptools (Revvit and Waldo) show the Trux (Ty, Skya, Ton-Ton, and Dozer) fighting the Scraptors like a team.
  • Blue Liftasaurs: They are stubborn, boisterous and loud. The Blues are actually friendlier if others impress them to gain respect or want to befriend them. They like to have competitions for fun or settling disputes. The Blues finally work together with the Yellows when the Reptools (Revvit & Waldo) showing the Trux (Ty, Skya, Ton-Ton & Dozer) fighting the Scraptors like a team.


  • Despite being part Corythosaurus, they have a bit of Saurolophus in their appearances.
  • They are the second Hadrosaurid-based species to be bipedal like the [(species)|Pounders].
  • Liftasaurs and Pounders are possibly related as Pounders pound [[2]] into rubble and Liftasaurs smash ore into powder.


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