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Lightning is a character by Paul Bourgeois. He was made in the year 2013. His creation was an original design. Not seen in any movies, or official comic books yet. Lightning was thought up during a class.

Lightnings origins is during the year 2017 a teenager named Alex Jason-Ditorlio was kidnapped by a company called Atlas. This company wanted to create the perfect super soldier. From 2017-2018 Alex was put through rough training. From martial arts to parkour; Alex found out he was he was not the only one. 1,354 others along with him. They were replaced by clones. Each were given a different suit, and serum. Some were given multiple serums. At 12:34 p.m on July 2, of 2018 Alex was put into an arena like dome; where he had to face a massive creature that was genetically engineered. During this battle he used his serum, which gave him regeneration on an atomic scale, and the ability to hold his breath for an infinite time. Although he did kill the creature his test was a failure. They noticed a scar that he had on his face was not healed, they believed it did not work. So they decided to execute an order called lighting.This operation is to shock every cell in his body into ash. It did something much worst when they tried to. Alex had overheard them speaking and absorbed the electrical current, and it fused with his DNA. He was able to blast through the doors and escape. Alex had taken on this name and is still figuring out his new abilities.


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