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Lightning is one of the many honorary Titans from the show Teen Titans and comics. As his name implies, he can control lightning and can shoot lightning bolts from his hands.

Teen Titans

Lightning first appeared in the episode Forces of Nature, along with his brother Thunder, in which they both have fun but intentionally cause havok in Jump City. They are both attacked by the Teen Titans in which Lightning defeats Starfire and Raven. When he and Thunder flee, he tells Thunder that Beast Boy's saying that their fun is wrong is nonsense. He later teams up with Thunder to defeat Beast Boy and Starfire but fail. He and Thunder then follow Slade (disguised as an old mystic) in which Slade has them use their powers on targets made from sticks and leaves. Slade then brings to life a fire monster. Lightning then attacks the Teen Titans to prevent them from defeating the flame monster. He is attacked by his own brother, who tells them that their fun must stop. Angry at this, Lightning starts to attack Thunder and he is just about to finish him off when Thunder tells him that if he is still having fun, to which Lightning replies that he is not. He and Thunder then combine their powers to create rain and by doing so, kills the fire monster. The Titans are thankful for this and Lightning and Thunder apologize for their behavior. The brothers are then given a communicator in case they need help. Lightning then appears in the episode Calling All Titans, in which he is attacked by Overload. He did not stand a chance, and ended up captured and frozen by the Brotherhood of Evil. Lightning then appears in the episode Titans Together, in which he is defrosted and helps the Titans defeat the Brotherhood of Evil and the other villains. Lightning is last seen at the end of the episode helping the Titans and other honorary Titans recapture Dr. Light.