Lightray is the New God of Joy from the world of New Genesis and a friend of Orion and an ally of Superman and the Justice League and a hero in the DCU.


Lightray is a New God, deities created from the Old Gods, who uses his abilities of speed and light in the never-ending war between his planet, New Genesis and the ravaged wasteland Apokolips. Lightray fought alongside Orion and both served Highfather loyally in the fight against Darkseid and his minions continued to thwart his plans of conquest.

Lightray eventually joined the Justice League, along with Orion, to protect the earth, that was decreed to be under Highfather's protection, from the invasion from Apokolips and other enemies alike. When the android Amazo returned to Earth and threatened its citizens, Lightray joined an emergency team of League members and tried to fight him but, Amazo's ever-growing powers proved futile.

Lightray later aided the Justice League with Orion and Big Barda with the Earth was invaded by a vicious alien warlord. When Infinity-Man, called the New Gods Killer, invaded Earth and killed many New Gods, Lightray fought his best to stop him but lost his life and passed on through the Source Wall. Lightray, along with many New Gods, including Orion. Barda and Mister Miracle, were later shown reincarnated in the ruins of Apokolips creating a newer New Genesis.



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