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Lil' Dipper is a supporting protagonist from Planes Fire and Rescue.


Dipper is a yellow plane who rivals Dusty in height.


As Dusty arrives in Piston Peak National Park to be a certifiec firefighter, he comes across Dipper looking at some sort of paper. When she hears his name, she geeks over him like the fangirl she is, having seen all of his races.

Soon she is alerted of a wildfire breaking out in the forest by Patch. As she got to the fire, she dumps retardant onto the fire following a command from Blade Ranger. As Blade was training Dusty, she loads herself with water as he was instructing him.

During the night, Dipper spies on Dusty while he was sleeping. When Cad Spinner arrives, Blade expresses irritation at his personality and actions while Dipper laments the buget shifting. When Dusty asks about Blade's "Blazing Blade" moniker, Dipper whispers him to be quiet with Windlifter asking Dusty to be come to the main hanger without telling anybody.

Later Dusty finds himself resting by Dipper in the hangar as Maru prepares the group to watch an episode of chOps, an old show Blade starred in. Later Dipper sets off alongside the other fire fighters when Patch informs them of lightning starting off a wildfire. She aids in containing it by pouring retardant over it.

After Dusty saves the Smokejumpers from burning to death, Dipper commends him for saving them. Soon when the jumpers camp out to try and keep the fire contained, Dipper is among the several vehicles that accompany to the Fuelsel-Lodge Cad shifted a portion of the firefighting budget into.

Soon, Dipper is with the party she went to the lodge with, as well as Harvey and Winnie, when they joined a campfire where Windlifter told a story about Coyote bringing fire to the first cars and eating his own tires when they burn out much to Dusty's disgust.

The next day, Dipper took action when the fire broke containment with Blade ordering her to go with Windlifter to deal with the Coil Springs fire while he and Dusty handle the fire at Whitewall Rapids.

Following the failure to stop the Whitewall Rapids fire, Dipper watches as Windlifter recovers an unconscious Blade back to base. Later, when she hears from Patch that a wildfire blocked the main exit road, Dipper tells Windlifter that he is in command.

As Maru was preparing to load her up, he finds out that there was no water pressure. Dipper flies with her team through the smoke to try and save the people from burning alive from the fire.

Once they get to the main exit road, Dipper dumps fire retardant to make it possible for the evacuees to escape. After Dusty destroys his gearbox saving Harvey and Winnie, Dipper watches as Maru repairs him and gives him a new (or rather "better than new") gearbox. Later, she joins the Propwash Corn Festival alongside her comrades.


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