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Lil' Nelson
Lil' Nelson is the minor character of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjutsu. He debuted in the sixth season, where he became honorary Purple Ninja of the Ninja team. In prior to the season, he broke both of his legs during his Ninja training.


Dareth scheduled an appointment for the Ninja to visit Lil' Nelson and deem him as an honorary ninja for a day. The Ninja made a quick stop on their way to stop Clouse. However, due to Kai's affinity for his fans, he alerted them about their location and the Ninja ended up being surrounded.

Their biggest fan Lil' Nelson wore a purple gi, became the Purple Ninja, and aided the Ninja by keeping the fans at bay so they can escape to the roof. Lloyd expressed his gratitude for his help, but Lil' Nelson says that he was thankful his one wish was granted, courtesy of Lloyd and his friends.


Lil' Nelson is a very good-hearted kid with a strong sense of justice. He trained himself to become a Ninja so he can help his Ninja idols in certain occasions. After the Ninja made him an Honarary Ninja, he was thankful and did not hesitate to help them evading their approaching fans. In the end, Lil' Nelson stated that he was thankful by his idols and hope that he would meet them soon.

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