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Liliya Olenyeva is the younger sister of the Vodka Girls, she hits hard with powerful counterattacks.

"Blueberry? Where did Roza get this name from? A burnt menu?"


Liliya is a short girl with blue hair and light purple eyes. She has a black and blue horn on the left side of her head and a black and blue tail that can be used as an additional limb for her. She wears a black, white and blue short dress, a black and blue gloves, black thigh-highs with blue rings at the top and white, blue, and black shoes.


Liliya is a quiet and calm girl opposite from her sister. She's known to call her older sister out on her overly exaggerated experiences, and making fun of her for it. Her personality is in stark contrast to the more energetic and outgoing Rozaliya . Being the younger sister of Rozaliya, she sticks by her sister at all time.

Liliya is very kind and caring towards her friends, with her being the calm type its easier to be around her. Liliya and her sister are very naive and curious getting caught snooping around Cocila's room as well as cocila's lab.

battlesuit story

Liliya grew up under her sister's protection. Liliya's treatment was less perfect than what Rozaliya received. She must rely on several prosthetics and devices to fight alongside her elder twin. But Liliya enjoys outdoor life with her sister.

A side-effect of the surgical operation was extreme drowsiness at about 19:00. Nevertheless, Liliya knew it was a great improvement compared to her previous bedridden state. The sudden drowsiness could be a little troublesome, but Liliya would feel safe because Rozaliya is always by her side.

Rozaliya called this battlesuit Blueberry Blitz based on the tattered remains of a bar menu. Though Liliya doesn't know how it tastes like, she's pretty sure it's blue. But what shade of blue? The celestial tone of the sunny sky? Or the deep azure shades of the vast oceans? No matter what, Liliya is confident that her sister gave her the best name out there.


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