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D-Don't judge a flower by its bud... you.
~ Lillia defeating her opponent.

Lillia, also known as The Bashful Bloom, is a heroic playable champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.


Lillia came into being when one of the ancient Dream tree's own dreams was captured in a bud that. Ever since her early youth, Lillia became very close to the tree, along with the dreams that flew into her garden and onto the tree every night. As she tended to the tree's bud, she learned more and more about humanity from them. She considered each of the dreamers of the dreams that drifted onto the tree a new friend and cared for them along with the dreams.

After a war broke out in the world outside her forest home, dreams started appearing less and less. She did her best to try and take care of the mother tree during this time, but eventually, Lillia decided seeking out the dreams of mortals after she had realized how little of them were reaching the ancient Dreaming Tree. She is currently searching the forests to find any dreams who got stranded in them and bring them to the tree.


Lillia is best known for her very shy and timid personality. She regularly spends her time away from others residing in the forests of Ionia. While she is fascinated by humans, she still hides from them in the forests due to her timidity.

However, in spite of her shyness, Lillia is capable of feats of courage. As her venturing out into the forest in the first place and outside of her own garden is already a feat for her due to her stepping far out of her comfort zone. She also regularly faces off against opponents as a champion, even though she often still can't bring herself to look them in the eye most of the time and apologizes while attacking them.



  • During her development, Lillia's name was originally intended cute jungler.
  • Lillia's name and title are likely puns on Latin lilia, plural of lilium < Greek leírion λείριον < Coptic hlēri ϩⲗⲏⲣⲓ < Ancient Egyptian ḥrrt "flower, blossom".


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