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I said we didn't have to fight for another place.
~ Lilly to Philip regarding his decision to attack the prison in Too Far Gone

Lilly Chambler is a character first introduced in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead. She is the older sister of Tara Chambler, the mother of Meghan Chambler and the latest love-interest of Philip Blake, also known as "Brian Heriot" or "The Governor". She served as a minor protagonist during the first half of Season 4.

She is the TV counterpart of Lilly Caul and is played by American actress Audrey Marie Anderson.


Lilly was a soft-spoken woman who looked out for the best interests of her family. She was seemingly oblivious to the grim realities of the outside world, and as such, lacked the necessary skills to survive. 

Lilly is initially wary of Philip, but after the man helps her family several times, she seems to be grateful and grows fond of him. He's the one who reveals to her that everyone is infected and it takes brain damage to kill the walkers. She insists that he allow her family to travel with him after David's tragic death. In the truck at night, she starts a sexual relationship with Philip.

Later, when Philip leads an assault on the prison, Lilly shows up with Meghan, who was bitten after Philip settled them to a riverside by a walker buried in a mudslide. Phillip shoots Meghan in the head, in order to prevent her reanimation. After the brutal onslaught ensued leaving many dead, Lilly found Philip lying in the grass after he was stabbed and left bleeding to death by Michonne. She then shoots Philip with his own gun, ending his reign of terror.

Though it is not seen directly, Tara tells Glenn she was surrounded and killed by walkers in the courtyard.


TV Series

Season 4

  • 4x06: "Live Bait" (Flashback)
  • 4x07: "Dead Weight"
  • 4x08: "Too Far Gone"

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