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Lily is a character from the mobile card game Rage of Bahamut who was carried over to its sister game Dragalia Lost where she served as a minor protagonist. She is consider to be one of Cygames' mascot characters who sees use in a large amount of their games.


Her card in Rage of Bahamut presents her as a young child in a black and white dress and a white tiara. She has short blue hair in her regular card which is green in her plus card. Her double plus card changes her hair to an aqua coloring. each card has her hair become longer. Come her Crystal Princess card, her hair is very long and is a bluish white, and she now wears a silver tiara.

Her appearance in Dragalia Lost is based heavily on her Crystal Princess card, with a few differences being that her tiara is now gold, and parts of her dress aren't as transparent.

In her Dragonyule alt, Lily dons a Santa uniform with a wraith on her chest, and a crystal tiara over her Santa hat.


Rage of Bahamut

Base Card

Welcome to the Crystal Palace. My sister always said that a hero would appear one day to make all the wrongs right. Is that you?

Crystal Girl

I've been waiting for you for a long, long time! Let's work together to create a world where mortals and Gods don't have to fight! Okay?

Dragalia Lost


Raised in a land engulfed by snow, she loves seeing and hearing new things. Because her unique body emits frigid air, she is in search of a flower that won't freeze in her chilly presence.


A crystalian girl clad in the garb of Saint Starfall. Beaming with pride for her homeland, she works hard to spread Dragonyule cheer far and wide. Her ability to freeze anything solid stands in sharp contrast to her warm heart burning within.


Rage of Bahamut


Dragalia Lost

When the Halidom first meet Lily, they find her freezing flowers with her hands and find out that she is looking for a flower that she can't freeze. She asks if she can join them, which the prince allows. From there, Lily does what she can to help out while also continuing her search for a flower that won't freeze when she touches it. She also decorates the Halidom with the flowers she had frozen due to how many people remarked about how pretty the flowers looked.

During one Dragonyule, Lily is selected to serve as Saint Starfall. Excited, Lily prepares to play the part and deliver presents alongside Victor, who is also chosen to help her. However, when the Dyrenell empire attacks, the two have to drive them back to keep them from ruining the holiday.


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