Lily is a supporting character in the Scribblenauts franchise from 5th Cell. She first appears in Scribblenauts Unlimited as the twin sister of Maxwell.

Physical Apprarance

Lily is a scribblenaut with a pink rooster helmet with two bun shaped pigtails and wears a light teal shirt with a star and pink skirt with a brown bag and light teal shoes.


When Maxwell's parents started a new family, Lily is one of the members of the family. When Maxwell gave the old man a poisonous apple, he and Lily are cursed for doing this deed. Lily is stays in the farm as she is cursed by the beggar. As soon as Maxwell has performed dozens of good deeds, Lily is being turned to stone. After Maxwell has gotten every Starite, Lily is completely turned to stone. The beggar in disguise was actually Maxwell's father Edgar who put a curse on Lily. The spell was undone and Lily is brought back to life.

During the events of Scribblenauts Unmasked, she and Maxwell get into a fight about which favorite comic book character will win.


Maxwell first meets Lily at Edwin's farm. If Maxwell has helped his family relative, the cutscene will show Max bringing his family to the farm. Lily will feel sad as Maxwell leaves. She later turns into stone from a mysterious old man. Once the game is completed, the player can choose to play as her.

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