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Jack Armstrong in the newsroom. The body of an unidentified female was discovered this morning along the shores of Stilwater Bay. Her body was badly bruised and her clothes were missing. Police are hoping that you can help identify her. All they have to go on is that she was estimated to be between 25 and 30 years of age, 5'3", approximately 105 lb, and was of Asian descent. If you have any information on this Jane Doe-san, please call the missing persons hotline at the Stilwater police barracks. From the newsroom, I'm Jack Armstrong.
~ The news report after the "Burying Evidence" mission.

Lin is a character in Saints Row and a lieutenant in the 3rd Street Saints.


A 25-year-old female of Asian descent, she has a somewhat cold personality, at one point showing little compassion towards killing two Westside Rollerz she had just been conversing with, and also throwing a man's lighter across the room after he offers to light her cigarette.


Julius asks Lin to go undercover with the Westside Rollerz in an attempt to learn more about them and take them down from the inside - much of the information she learns within the Rollerz she relays to the Playa, and together they use it to foil the Rollerz' plans.

Unsatisfied with her role, and in an attempt to infiltrate the Rollerz further, Lin pursues a relationship with Donnie, a mechanic and best friend of gang leader Joseph Price. She continues to deceive the Rollerz by working with the Playa, and these ill-fated attempts ultimately lead to her death when Price's uncle and financier,

William Sharp, concludes that she has been betraying the Rollerz, and has her killed. Lin is the first of four allies to die in the Saints Row series.


Quote Occasion
I'm the best racer that ever came outta Chinatown. To Price
Did you hear that asshole Donnie? He said I was his girl. To Playa
Putting me in the Rollerz was a smart move on Julius' part. We needed the intel, and I was the only tuner in the Saints. I knew when we staged that rescue at Donnie's shop I was in. Price owed me one for saving his best friend and didn't doubt me for a second. I probably should've been more careful about how often I passed the boss information, though... Audio Log 1
I read Sharp wrong from the jump. I always knew he was coldhearted, but I just thought it was a lawyer thing. I didn't realize how sadistic he was. I'll never forget what he said to me: "I think it's time to unwrap you"... I hope that bastard burns. Audio Log 2
Donnie said I was his girl? Can you believe that? I mean, we were pretty close, but that never came up. We talked about engines, weight distribution, suspensions... But his girl? I never expected that... It was a nice surprise. Audio Log 3



  • In the first cutscene of the Rollerz arc, the two Rollerz that Lin talks to were in the intro cutscene of the game, since they were not actually killed by the Carnales drive-by.


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