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Hero Overview

Family isn't who you're born with, it's who you die for.
~ Lincoln in the trailer.

Lincoln Clay is the protagonist of Mafia III, the third game in the Mafia Series, as well as it's DLC. He is a Vietnam War veteran who plans to start a new life and set up his own criminal empire.

He is voiced and portrayed by Alex Hernandez, who also voiced David Garcia in season three of Telltale's The Walking Dead.


Early life

Thus far, all that has been revealed of Lincoln's early years is that he grew up in Saint Michelle's orphanage in New Bordeaux. However, the orphanage closed down when he was still young, and he was taken in by the Robinson family. Lincoln began to see them like family and worked with the Black Mob, also being a bartender and mechanic. When he came of age, he joined the United States Army, seeing combat in the Vietnam War and befriending CIA agent John Donovan. Clay witnessed unthinkable things that continued to haunt him when he returned to New Bordeaux. In addition, Clay was trained by the CIA in psychological warfare, something that would come in handy later on.

The Marcano's Betrayal

Upon being discharged from the Army, Lincoln returned to New Bordeaux and was picked up by his foster brother Ellis. The day afterward, Lincoln overhears Sammy and Ellis arguing, learning that the Haitian Mob have opposed Sammy and that he owes Sal Marcano money. Lincoln aids his family on dealing with the Haitians, killing their leader Baka and robbing the federal reserve with Giorgi Marcano, Danny Burke, and Ellis. In Sammy's Bar, Lincoln is betrayed by the Marcano's, witnessing Sammy, Ellis, and Danny's death as he is left for dead.

Getting Revenge

Saved by Father James Ballard, Lincoln was treated for months while the father called in John Donavon (something he states he later regrets). Left with a scar, Lincoln decides to have revenge on the Marcano's by destroying their crime brackets and killing them.

Lincoln gains the alliance of Italian boss Vito Scaletta, the real Haitian boss Cassandra, and Irish boss Thomas Burke to destroy the Marcano Crime Family branch. Decisions on who gets what districts and gaining/killing Marcano's allies are based on the player, who can gain information and allies or kill other members.

In addition, Lincoln also aids the Laveau Movement to stop Walter "Slim" Beaumont, stop Donavon's old friend Connor Aldridge from using a warhead, and dissolved the Ensanglante and its leader Bonnie Harless.

By October 1968, Lincoln had kill all of the Marcano Crime Family members, assets, and associates. After Sal's death at the casino, he is greeted by Leo Galante, who urges Lincoln to end his crusade and as long as he gets the 20% he was promised, he will be happy. Returning to Father James and Donovan, Lincoln is given three choices for his next move: walk away from New Bordeaux to leave his life of crime behind on advice from Father James, seize power of the city by killing all his underbosses under advise from Donovan, or rule New Bordeaux together with his underbosses.

Lincoln's Fate

Rule Together

If Lincoln chooses to rule New Bordeaux with his underbosses, he expands his criminal empire across the southern United States and becomes a well known philanthropist. Despite being smart with his money, Lincoln gave into anything that made him money (e.g. drugs) and lost the only person who cared for him; Father James, who openly despises what Lincoln has become.

Rule Alone

If Lincoln chooses to rule New Bordeaux alone, he murders the underbosses, prompting Father James, who now realizes that Lincoln is no different than Sal, to immediately murder Lincoln by planting a bomb underneath his car. James states he has no regrets for killing him, but feels that Lincoln's spirit is watching him, often stating he hears heavy boots go on the stairs and waiting to take what left of his life.

Leave New Bordeaux

If Lincoln leaves New Bordeaux, he effectively disappears from public life, only occasionally sending postcards to Father James from various parts of the world. The underboss who was given the most districts by Lincoln will then seize control of the city, though only Vito will be able to rule successfully.


Not much is yet known of Clay's personality other than that he is a fairly serious man who values those he refers to as family. Having grown up in Saint Michelle's orphanage, he has never had a conventional family, thus he looks to the black mob as a source of support and love. He is extremely protective of those he views as family due to having lost his "family" 2 times in his life, the first time when the orphanage he grew up in closed down and the second time when the Italian mafia murdered the black mob. He clearly despises the Marcanos for what they have done to his family, as evidenced by the way he speaks to a Mafioso he is about to execute; in particular, he feels their concept of a family based solely on blood ties and surnames is a mockery of what a family is supposed to be.

After being betrayed and losing his family, Lincoln showed the darker side of his personality. He became lethal, bloodthirsty, and vengeful, wanting Sal Marcano to watch as he takes everything from him. His bloodthirst for revenge lead him to often leave his victims in public to scare people who opposed him.

Despite his bloodthirsty behavior, Lincoln is calm and keeps his emotions in check despite being a time of prejudice. He is kind, caring, grateful, and open minded towards his friends and allies. An example is accepting Nikki Burke being attracted to the same sex despite her father's disapproval. He is outgoing and compassionate, willing to make friends with those of the opposite color. In addition, Lincoln has a moral code, refusing to kill woman as Donavon stated in trial. He didn't kill Oliva Marcano, knowing that she would be killed by an associate.

Lincoln truly suffered from not having an identity, feeling he didn't belong in the world, thus explaining why he joined the army. The only thing his experience in Vietnam gave him were nightmares and unspeakable carnage, giving him PTSD and making unable to sleep peacefully. This would cause him to try to find his purpose in life, as he notes in his journal that he wanted to move to California with a welding gig upon his return from Vietnam.


  • Peak Human Conditioning: Lincoln is a man who keeps himself in very great shape and maintains a strict level of training. His strength, speed, reflexes, agility, durability, and stamina are in top conditioning, for a man of his age.
    • Great Durability: Considering his physical condition, Licoln's body is also very durable as he was able to survive (Despite being critically injured) from being shot in the head at point-blank range. 
    • Honed Reflexes: During Lincoln's successful attempt to raid and kill a mob boss, he dodges an RPG rocket only a few yards away. Without his fast reflexes, he would have possibly died.
    • Extreme Stamina: Lincoln has a tremendous amount of stamina which allows him to run for great distance and fight for a considerable amount of time with multiple skilled opponents a walk away victorious. Even after being injured and tired, Lincoln needs a minimal break only to recover and can move a fight again. He can fight at his peak until he falls from wounds or complete exhaustion.
  • Indomitable Will: Lincoln wields great willpower, being greatly determined to destroy the Marcano Crime Family, no matter what it takes. He can also sustain torture from long periods of time. Despite his mastery of martial arts and firearms, Lincoln is injured frequently but rarely notices beyond checking his wounds for bleeding.
  • Extensive Military Training: Lincoln joined the U.S. Army and was assigned to the 40th Infantry Division to fight into the Vietnam War, and was highly trained in the arts of unarmed combat, marksmanship, tactics, strategies, protocols, tracking, operations, unorthodox methods, guerilla, unconventional, and psychological warfare. His ability in these skills further improved when he joined the U.S Army's 5th Special Forces Group and later joint-operated with the CIA.
  • Master Combatant: As a former U.S Soldier, Clay is a highly skilled, efficient and lethal armed hand to hand combatant. He is highly trained in unarmed combat,unorthodox methods and in the use of improvised weapons.
  • Master Marksmanship: Lincoln shows himself to be an expert marksman due to being a former soldier in the U.S Army 223rd Infantry Unit, 5th Special Forces Group and later the CIA. Clay has tremendous expertise in handling many firearms, including pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, automatic rifles, machine guns, and grenade launchers. He can accurately and precisely gun down multiple enemies in a timely manner while rarely missing his target.
  • Knife Mastery: Lincoln is dangerously lethal with his knife, being able to kill his enemies in stealth. When clearing outpost, he will brutally murder criminals with ease, often leading them to be cover in blood.
  • Master Tactician & Strategist: As an experienced crime boss, Lincoln is highly capable of casing out, planning and executing assassinations. He is also very spatially aware in combat situations, making use of the environment, weapons held by dead enemies
  • High Intelligence: Lincoln was shown to be a very intelligent and wise man who could think about various things even in the critical moments and can easily make his ways out of most problems..
  • Expert Driver: Lincoln is a expert driver, being able to outrun the police and his enemies during intense high-speed pursuits. He keeps his skills behind the wheel sharp allowing him to kill enemies with vehicles, delivering sideswipes, reverses and head-on collisions to deal devastating damage.
  • Master of Stealth: Lincoln is extremely skilled at breaking into secure locations and escaping without being noticed and he is able to memorize complicated architectural layouts easily.
  • Master of Torture/Interrogation: Lincoln is Very Skilled of forcing people to talk even if uses his bare hands or as usual, his combat knife to either make people work for him or extracting information. He can also knockout his suspects with little to no ease just with one punch. He can also take torture for hours and is extremely difficult to make him spill details of information due to his undying will and his escape tactics.

Mission Appearances

Mafia III As the player character, Lincoln will more than likely appear in every mission in the game.

Murders committed by Lincoln

  • Baka
  • Ritchie Doucet
  • Frank Pagani
  • Tony Derazio
  • Chester Moreau
  • Remy Duvall
  • Tommy Marcano
  • Nino Santengelo
  • Cornelius Holden
  • Lou Marcano
  • Giorgi Marcano
  • High Priest


  • Unnamed mother (Deceased)
  • Unnamed father (Deceased)
  • Sammy Robinson (Surrogate Father, Deceased)
  • Perla Robinson (Surrogate Mother, Deceased)
  • Ellis Robinson (Surrogate Brother, Deceased)
  • Lily Robinson (Surrogate Aunt)


You people speak of family. Like you know what that word means. But you were born into yours. You never had to go looking for some place to belong. Never had to bleed in a jungle just to find your real brothers. Never had to turn your back on God just so someone would finally treat you like a son. Family. To you it's just a goddamned last name. If you knew what family really meant... you never would have f**ked with mine.
~ Lincoln in the reveal trailer.
You are who you are and there's no point in arguing with yourself about it.
~ Lincoln to Tommy Marcano.
Have it your way.
~ Lincoln to Remy before killing him.
My name is Lincoln Clay mother******
~ Lincoln to Nino.


  • He is the first mixed race, non-Italian protagonist in the series.
  • It is Implied that he is still alive in Mafia 3; through more than one sequence of events and maybe will make a return in Future Mafia Sequels.
  • Lincoln is Extremely Loyal and will Value it over his own gains and opportunities.
  • Lincoln has a few rules for murdering people, No women or children killed unless its completely necessary to, if a suspect is completely honest and helpful he might let them go, and if he kills a person with intentional purposes he must have a reason so.
  • Lincoln clay is 6’4” (193cm) and weighs 230lbs (104kg).
  • Even though he's no stranger to crime, there are some he crimes he despises and won't do like human trafficking and hate crimes
  • Lincoln loves cars and His favorite type of cars is Muscle Cars.
  • Like Vito Scaletta, Lincoln is a U.S. Army combat veteran.
  • He is similar to Marvel's The Punisher:
    • Both served in the military.
    • Both witnessed the deaths of their family.
    • Both survived the attempts on their lives.
    • Both go a vengeful rampage by destroying criminals.
    • Both destroy a crime family, who are responsible for their rampage.
  • He is the only main protagonist in the Mafia series not to narrate the events of the game.

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