Linda Stotch is Butters Stotch's mother and Stephen Stotch's wife.


Linda wears a maroon sweater, a calf-length purple skirt and black shoes. She has shoulder-length blonde hair, and a long, slim face. Her breasts are lopsided, with her right breast being noticeably larger than her left. She also wears red lipstick, much like Sheila Broflovski and Liane Cartman.

For special occasions, she wears a red dress, as seen in the award ceremony in "The Death Camp of Tolerance".

In "It's a Jersey Thing", Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey said she had yellow teeth.


Linda is shown to be a quiet, submissive woman. She is often seen reading or cleaning the house. She tends to be more sympathetic and tender towards her son but goes along with her husband's parenting methods because she feels he knows more about it than she does. She has shown on a couple of occasions that she has low self-esteem, such as "Butters' Very Own Episode". She is revealed to think more highly of Stephen's anniversary gifts than he does of hers. She is also shown to be quite sadistic in this episode. She also seems to be very mentally unstable, going insane when she found out her husband is bisexual and cheated on her with several gay guys to the point of her attempting to kill both Butters and herself.

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