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Linda Zakroid

Linda Zakroid is a heroine of Mitsumete Knight.

Personality (Original)

Birthday is July 12. 15-year-old. Blood type AB type. And enrolled in the Dolphan School. Daughter of renowned Zakroid chaebol in nouveau riche. A native of Zakroid who had made a fortune in the import of diamonds, very arrogant personality that origin because. In the back there is a strong complex that it is assumed Mai licked the aristocracy. The fact whether the recoil therefore is a great hard worker, performance excellence in sport is also universal.

Personality (R)

High-handed a rich man of the house of the daughter. Shota. Weapons whip. Magic and many of the attacks, pay out the attacks by calling the robot and butler. Take the attitude that look down on high-handed the common people, for himself does not try to hide it, generally compatible with bad with other girls. But because it grandfather was Noshiaga~tsu until conglomerate built a financial power in one generation is a flip side of complex with the knowledge that it is called from the upper class as "nouveau riche". Hanna, even while saying as bad things, even the mind side of Linda admits that "rival". Future dream conquered the world.


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