Linda van Schoonhoven is a female human, probably originating from Los Angeles, USA, Earth. She is a widely known television presenter, and co-hosts several shows on Channel √2, most prominently, the news, with Morbo. Linda frequently laughs at very serious threats from him, and often describes news in a cheery way no matter how tragic it is, examples include the imminent destruction of New New York by a giant ball of garbage and a dark matter oil spill on Pluto. She also laughed at and commented on the death of a news reporter in a hovercopter crash. She is always seen with blonde hair and a futuristic pink dress. She is an alcoholic, and without alcohol is unable to cope with her children, her newscasting and life in general.

In 3008, Linda van Schoonhoven unintentionally mated with a planet-sized monster, and, two years later, became one of the Feministas, along with Leela and Amy. This was the first time she interacted with the primary characters.

In 3010, she was seen in a recorded video shown in the V-GINY, and covered the passing of Proposition ∞ and consequent legalization of robosexual marriage, as well as the visit of Robo-Hungarian Emperor Nikolai to New New York.

In 3011, it was revealed that she was an alcoholic and mother, when the millions of tiny Benders stole all booze and she couldn't handle her newscasting sober.


  • Channel √2 News (co-host with Morbo)
  • Good Morning, Earth (co-host with Morbo)

Non Canon Appearances

She also appeared in Futurama Comics.

She also appeared in 2003 Futurama video games.

In the episode "Simpsorama", Linda was eaten by a rabbit creature while hosting the news. It being the 31st century, it is possible that she was revived later. However, some factors lead many fans to believe the episode is not Futurama canon.


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