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Link's Parents

Link's Parents (Arn and Medilia) are minor characters that appear in The Legend of Zelda manga. Link's mother was mentionned by Deku Tree Sprout, who tells how Link's mother (now dying from her injuries) brings Link to the forest to be recruited by The Great Deku Tree who raises him as a Kokiri, Link's mother died shortly after being wounded during the Hyrule Civil War. Link's father was killed in the war, so Link was raised by his uncle in the A Link to The Past manga.

In the manga

In the Ocarina of Time manga, Link's mother was dying from her injuries, but she manages to bring her son Link to the Kokiri Forest to be adopted by The Great Deku Tree. Link's mother died shortly after. Following the burial of Link's mother, The Great Deku Tree raises Link as a Kokiri. After Link defeats the Queen Gohma and breaks the curse placed upon the tree, The Great Deku Tree gives Link the Kokiri's Emerald just before his death. Link's mother was then mentioned by Deku Tree Sprout, who explained how the mother brought the baby Link to the Kokiri Forest just before her death.

In the A Link to The Past manga, Link's father was killed in the game's events. Link was then orphaned of hisfather and was raised by his Uncle.


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