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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Link from the non-canonical The Legend of Zelda games released for the Philips CD-i. The mainstream version can be found here: Link (The Legend of Zelda).

How about a kiss for luck?
~ Link (CD-i)
I just wonder what Ganon's up to.
~ Link to King Harkinian

Link (CD-i) is the main protagonist of the Zelda CD-i games. He wants to save Zelda from the evil forces of Ganon when Gwonam and Link go to the Magic Carpet. He often asks Zelda for her kiss, much to the chagrin of the princess.


In Link: The Faces of Evil, Link tells that King Harkinian that Zelda was kidnapped by Ganon. To save Zelda, he went to Gwonam's magic carpet to go on a long journey.

In YouTube Poops, Link goes on various misadventures with Zelda and the King. In the YouTube Poops, Link is portrayed as a dimwitted warrior who likes "dating" Zelda, throwing bricks at people, hanging out with the King, and other various hobbies.


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