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Hyde, please don't tell me you're serious about looking serious.
~ Linne

Linne is the princess of the Yato clan, who saved Hyde when he was attacked by a Void.

She was voiced by Ayane Sakura in the Japanese version, and by Sarah Anne Williams in the English version.


Linne has long been searching for a legendary sword "Indulgence of Assunder/Rending" to end her eternal life. Quick-minded and stoic, Linne is someone who works well at her job and is focused on her goals, not letting emotional times at times get in her way.


Linne's current appearance is that of a young girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She wear a yellow hoodie over a black shirt that goes up her neck, black spandex shorts and black boots. Her clothing can change depending on what color palette the player chooses. For example, she'll wear thigh-high stockings, spandex pants or just nothing but the hoodie.


Hundreds of years ago, Linne and her brother Kuon were used in Yato's a human experiment to create new abilities. As a result Linne gained a power to transfer her consciousness from a body to another - making it possible for her to live eternally. In addition, if her host body get killed then Linne's consciousness is automatically transferred to a new body. This how she has lived her life for several tens of bodies.

Linne didn't want to continue possessing and ruining the lives of unknown girls, so she searched for a way to end her eternal life. The answer Linne found was that a legendary sword called the Indulgence of Assunder could rend her existence apart and end the curse she is bound to.


Linne has the EXS of Swiftness called Speed Star. Linne fights using a combination of long sword and a folding knife. Long sword is called No Name because apparently the swordsmith who created the sword didn't give the sword a name. Little folding knife is called Nameless simply because Linne has yet to give the knife some name.



  • Her name comes from a word "Rinne" (輪回) referring to "transmigration of souls" from Buddhism.
  • Her ability to dual wield two different length swords possibly nods to a "daishou" set (a sword set of a katana and wakizashi), often used by famous samurai in the past such as Juubei Yagyuu and Musashi Miyamoto.
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