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Lisa Webber was the main deuteragonist of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, the girlfriend of Jesse Walsh and also the only Freddy Krueger's defeater as seen in the film.

She is finally dragged into nightmares along with Jesse and her other friends, which leaves her fate as unknown.


Lisa is a popular school girl who takes romantic interest in Jesse Walsh when he moves into her neighborhood.

They share feelings for each other and begin dating while Jesse becomes increasingly erratic under the influence of Freddy Krueger.

Role in the film

Lisa attempts to help Jesse realize that Freddy is dead until she sees him manifest in the real-world through Jesse's body.

Freddy tries to kill her, but her love weaken of his hold over Jesse seemingly allowing to banish him from his body.

After this incident, while riding on the school bus with Jesse their friend is impaled through the chest by Freddy and the bus careers off the road, revealing them to be again trapped in a dream by Freddy. Her fate is left ambiguous.


  • Lisa is the first Nightmare heroine that kissed Freddy Krueger, followed by Alice Johnson in The Dream Child, and his daughter, Kathryn Krueger at the end of Freddy's dead.
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