Lisesharte Atismata (リーズシャルテ・アティスマータ Rīzusharute Atisumāta) is one of the female protagonists of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. Her nickname is Lisha (リーシャ Rīsha). She is the First Princess of the New Kingdom Atismata. She is also called the Scarlet War Princess (朱の戦姫 Shu no Senki). She is the user of the Divine Drag-Ride Tiamat (ティアマトTiamato). She is also the former slave of Old Arcadia Empire.


At first, Lisesharte acts like a tsundere, but as series goes on she opens up to Lux little by little. Like most women from the Old Empire, she grew up abused, abandoned, and lonely until the day that Fugil destroyed the Old Empire and handed Tiamat over.

Most of the time, Lisesharte is rather childish. As she enjoys getting praised, believing that the "coolest" of Drag-Rides is the second most important thing, and can be quite clingy when it comes to Lux. She is also very innocent about romance and love, even having difficultly describing what a kiss is. This stunned some of her classmates at how little she knew about love. She showed jealousy when Krulcifer Einfolk and Celistia Ralgris kissed Lux and vowed all those in love with Lux as love rivals.

Lisha is deeply uncertain about her position of princess, wondering if she is suitable for the role. This stems from her imprisonment and slavery by the Old Empire, during which she wished that her father would save her rather than trying to overthrow the Empire. She was also too scared to commit suicide. In the present, she dislikes the expectations that the people have for her as princess.[3] She also doesn't want anyone from the Academy to know from her past, except for the former prince Lux.


  • Lisha is one of the few who didn't kiss Lux as Lisha doesn't know what does kiss mean.
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