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Hello, friend.
~ Little Bill's famous catchphrase.

Little Bill Glover is the protagonist in the book/Nick Jr series, Little Bill. He is 5 year old inquisitive and imaginative boy who loves his hamster, Elephant, his family, his friends and adventures.

Examples of Heroism

  • In one episode, Little Bill saves a baby bird from falling to its death.
  • In the special Little Bill's Giant Space Adventure, according to his own story, he helps Captain Brainstorm get something for the Giant Purple creatures. In real life, he's the one who is small enough to get out his siblings' basketball.
  • In the episode "If a Bird Rings, Answer It," Little Bill has found a lost parrot which he names Phonedog (because he rings like a phone and barks like a dog), and eventually, goes to the pet store with his mother to describe the parrot, which Percy reveals to be named Lorraine and owned by an elderly woman.
  • In "The Choir," when April's best friend Tiny comes down with a cold, Little Bill sings her part.
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