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The Little Helper is a major character in the Donald Duck universe. He is the robotic assistant to Gyro Gearloose, who often helps him with building inventions.

He was created by the late Carl Barks. 


He was the first invention, ever made by Gyro. He was made out of an old no longer working, lamp that belonged to Donald Duck. He has since then helped Gyro building inventions, sometimes even saving his life when inventions goes wrong.

In other media

  • Little Helper appeared in the original DuckTales, as Gyro's assistant, who often helps him build his inventions. This incarnation is very similar to the comic book version.
  • In DuckTales 2017, he is changed to a giant robotic assistant built by Gyro, who goes rogue. Later on, Gyro builds a smaller version, who becomes his assistant.


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